President of UD

The University of Danang (UD) now in its twenty-first year, was initially formed over forty years ago.  In 1975, its founding member colleges specialized in training and research.  In 1994 the University of Danang was established by a Government Decree.

UD is now the largest university in Central Vietnam.  It is located close to the UNESCO World Heritage listed ancient city of Hoi An, the My Son holy land and Hue’s Imperial City.

UD is a multi-level, multi-disciplinary university providing a wide range of courses and training programs for the people of the Central Area and Western Highlands of Vietnam. The University’s main strengths are in Engineering, Technology, Economics, Education and Foreign Languages.  Over the past forty years UD and its member colleges have provided the country with hundreds of thousands of qualified technology experts, business managers, educational professionals, educators and experts in foreign languages.

The UD’s success is a result of high quality training curriculum and research programs especially designed to meet the demands of industry in Vietnam.  Our graduates meet strict quality standards, and gain the knowledge, professional skills and leadership capability needed to contribute to the overall industrialization and modernization of the country as a whole. 

UD was one of the first university institutions in Vietnam to adopt a Quality Accreditation System for training, and several of its disciplines have been recognized internationally.  A recent innovation is the creation of Teaching -Research Teams (TRT) to integrate both training and research and to develop post-graduate training capability to enhance scientific research. The Government has provided significant financial assistance to establish new research centers and modern laboratories. Already, there have been a number of successful projects involving both research and technology transfer that resulted in new licensed patents being taken up by industry.

UD is highly regarded by employers and many of our graduates readily find employment in Vietnam or with foreign enterprises. Many UD alumni are now taking key roles in socio-economic development across the country as well as in the provinces and cities in the Central Area and Western Highlands of Vietnam.

UD continues to expand its international collaboration with universities around the world.  By promoting staff and student exchange programs, many of our students have access to advanced training programs in other countries.

Our aim is to develop UD into a Research-Oriented University by 2020.  This new face of UD will result from current projects including UD Village, University of Technical Education, University of IT and Communications, University of Medicine and Pharmacy and new VN-UK International University.

The University of Danang is the incubator for talented and intelligent people dedicated to developing the Central Areas and Western Highlands of Vietnam.


The university always warmly welcomes you!