Teaching staff

Teaching staff


* Lecturing Faculty:

The University of Danang currently has 2,360 staff, 1,445 out of whom are lecturing staff with 102 associate professors, 9 professors and 445 (30,6%) doctoral degree holders. In order to develop and enhance the quality of faculty capable of doing lecturing and research work in the future, UD has recruited additional lecturers while sending faculty for post-graduate training overseas from various sources of funding (Project 322 by the State, Project 393 by Danang City, WB and ADB projects, bi-lateral collaborative training programs between UD and foreign institutions, and other scholarships)

* Facilities:

1. Campus: UD's establishments are located on six campuses based in Danang City and Kontum Province with an area of over 60 hectares in total.

Currently there are two development projects of UD underway: UD Village at Hoa Quy -Dien Ngoc on a 300-ha area and UD Branch in Kontum on a 100-ha area. The expansion project for Danang University of Technology campus is in progress on a total area of 80 hectares.

Lecture halls in member colleges can accommodate up to 37,000 full-time and over 15,000 part-time students. The remaining students of non-regular attendance take courses at continuing education centres in cities, provinces, and affiliated training units.

Research centres and labs are gradually modernised with the aid of major investment programs, ODA funded projects, and international cooperative programs. Several common labs include Automobile Engineering Lab, Mecha-electronic Lab, Thermo Engineering Lab, Electric -electronic Lab, Construction Lab, ...

Besides, UD also accommodates the Physical Education Centre, which is equipped with modern facilities and is venue for cultural and sporting events of UD.

2. The Learning Resource Centre with two premises of 7000m2 in area based in the city centre and in Hoa Khanh zone can accommodate 1500 users at one time. This is the first cybrary in Vietnam funded by Atlantic Philantropies. The centre is equipped with 350 computers with internet connection at a speed of 20Mb. Here readers can have access to scientific and technological databases authorised to the centre.

UD's faculty and students can also get access to AUF database at CAI Centre.

Apart from the above facilities, UD's member colleges have specialised libraries for lecturers and students to study and do research.

3. Dormitories: the existing dorm system of UD consists of nine five-storey, two four-storey, and three two-storey buildings, which are comfortable and can provide accommodation and meals for 5000 students (approximately 15% of full-time students).

These dorms are furnished with self-study rooms, computer rooms, clubs, gyms, confestionery, refreshment areas serving the needs of self-study and entertainment for students.

4. Information technology infrastructure: the entire UD campus is connected with cable internet at a transmission speed of 20Mb. This IT infrastructure enables UD to organize e-conferences or e-learning. UD takes its leading role as a server for Central Region to conduct sectoral conferences led by MOET. Besides, thanks to a complete

IT system, the organization and management of credit-based ttraining at UD is going smoothly. Most teaching materials and lecture notes in engineering disciplines are currently posted online for reference purposes by students.

Some UD's campuses have wireless connection, facilitating easy access to information for teachers and students. UD is currently implementing Live@edu by Microsoft for all its lecturers and students.