Students at the UD

Students Affairs



Bringing into play the heroic tradition of Danang City and Central Highlands rich in national character, the different generations of UD’s students always inherit, promote the traditional fondness of learning and nourish the diligence, patience as well as try their best to creatively rise in their studying and scientific research.





During 20 years of “Building – Dedication – Maturity”, UD’s Youth Union always is the leading flag in the patriotic movement of Danang’s Youth, has the honor of receiving the Certificate of Merit from Government and Awards from the Central Youth Union, Danang Youth Union, Danang People’s Committee, People Committee of different provinces, cities and organizations.



  • Work of political & ideological education for members of Youth Union;
  • The emulation and volunteer movements of participating in socio-economic development, political security and social safety;
  • Work of Youth Union and Party construction.



1. Continue to implement, graspand propagate associated with the action plan to implement the Resolution on the National Youth Union Congress X, Resolution on the Danang Youth Union Congress XVII and UD’s Youth Union Congress IV.

2. Promote educational activities of revolutionary tradition of the People, Party and Youth Union;  strengthen the political ideology education, especially focus on effective implementation of the campaign "Vietnamese Youth’s studying and following Uncle Ho’s teaching" through the deployment of the campaign "UD’s Youth’s studying and following Uncle Ho’s teaching" which launched by Standing Committee of UD Youth Union.

3. Renew theguidance methods of whole Youth Union;concentrate on building strong basis of Youth Union; train and foster knowledge for staff of Youth Union; enhance the quality of Youth Union’s members; innovate and continue the program “Cultivate Youth Union’s members”

4. Deploy and concretize two campaigns “5 impulsive things for socio-economic development and national protection” and “4 things accompany the Youth to set life and business”.

5. Organize playgrounds, cultural exchanges and musical performances to attract members of Youth Union to participate in healthy and exciting activities.