Centre for Training, Scientific Research & International Cooperration in Central Vietnam


The University of DaNang has the mission of training from vocational technicians to doctoral level, with modes and duration of training as specified in Education Law.
UD has been decentralised by MOET in terms of management, autonomy, accountability in education and training: offering new disciplines in response to social demands, managing educational quality, granting credentials at all levels, initiating international cooperation in training.

Since 2006, UD has just embarked on the credit-based training system, enabling students to actively plan their schooling at the same time facilitating inter-level training

Modes and Duration of Training:

1. Full-Time Training

a) Postgraduate Training:

- Doctoral program: 2 - 4 years

- Master program: 2 - 3 years

b) Undergraduate Training

- Engineering sections: 5 years

- Economics, sciences and education sections: 4 years

c) Junior college training: 3 years

d) Vocational post-high school training: 2 years

e) Vocational technicians: 1.5 years

2. Part Time Training: in-service training; distance training; continuing and upgrading training.

3. Inter-level Training: There are inter-disciplinary programs for graduates from junior colleges, technical and vocational schools, who need to upgrade their knowledge.

Annual Enrollment : - Full Time Training:    9, 000 students/year

                                        - Part Time Training: 11, 000 students/year

Traning Disciplines

+ Postgraduate Level:

With the orientation of scientific and technological research, UD plans to have its faculty and physical resources quickly enhanced to accommodate the expansion of postgraduate training in line with the development of scientific research and technology transfer. UD has seen a rapid increase in the annual enrollment of postgraduates. For the academic year 2009, UD is expected to enroll 1000 postgraduates, 5 times as that of the 2003 postgraduate enrollment.
UD currently provides training for 13 majors at Doctoral level and 25 majors at Master level:

Doctoral Programs:

- Mechanical Engineering

- Machine Manufacturing Technology

- Food Biotechnology

- Food and Drink Technology

- Refrigerating Equipment and Technology

- Thermal Equipment and Technology

- Adjusting and Controlling Rivers and Coasts

- Thermal Engine Technology

- Electrical System and Network

- Water Supply Development

- Industrial Economics

- Agricultural Economics

- Organic Chemistry

Master Programs:

- Machine Manufacturing Technology
- Thermal Technology
- Food and Drink Technology
- Silicate Technology
- Computer Science
- Electronic Engineering
- Thermal Engine Technology
- Automobile and Tractor Engineering
- Electrical System and Network
- Automation
- Planting Irrigation
- Automatic Production
- Accounting
- Development Economics
- Business Administration
- Finance - Banking
- English Linguistics
- English Teaching Methodology
- Organic Chemistry
- Basic Mathematics Method
- Vietnamese Literature
- Natural Mixture Chemistry
- Ecology
- Linguistic Theoretical Analysis
- Education Management

Advanced and International Collaborative Programmes

+ Undergraduate Level

- Digital System (Advanced program, in collaboration with University of Washington, Seatle, USA)

- Embedded System (Advanced program, in collaboration with Porland State University, Oregan, USA)

- Automatic Production (High-qualified engineer training program, in collaboration with National Polytechnic University of Grenoble, France)

- Industrial IT (High-qualified engineer training program, in collaboration with National Polytechnic University of Grenoble, France)

- Petro-Gas Technology (Vietnam-France Program AUF, degrees co-granted, in collaboration with University of Toulon-Var, France)

- Information Technology (Vietnam-France Program AUF, in collaboration with University of Marseille, France)

- Civil and Industrial Construction (Vietnam- Japan Program, in collaboration with University of Nagaoka, Japan)

- Business Management (in collaboration with University of Sunderland, UK, and Townson University, USA)

+ Postgraduate Level

- Logistics (in collaboration with University of Liege, Belgium)

- Communications Management (in collaboration with University of Stirling, UK)

- Marketing Health Products and Services (in collaboration with University of Nantes, France)

- Computer Sciences (in collaboration with University of Nice, France)

Scholarships and Overseas Study:

- Students with outstanding academic achievements are granted with scholarships by the government, enterprises or domestic and non-governmental organizations.

- Students with remarkable academic performance while pursuing bilateral collaborative programs are granted with scholarships for oversea study by counterpart institutions.

- Students with excellent results in the entrance examination and students with remarkable achievements in scientific research are sent abroad for training via governmental funding.