Elite and high quality program

Elite and high quality program


Advanced Program In Embedded Systems (ES)

Advanced Undergraduate Program in Embedded Systems (AP-ES) was developed in 2008 based on the Project “Development of advanced programs at universities in the period of 2008-2015” of Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) that aims to “create conditions for the formation and development of several training disciplines, faculties and universities up to regional and international standards; to contribute to raising the quality and implementing programs on the fundamental and comprehensive renovation of Vietnam’s tertiary education”. The AP-ES’ curriculum was adapted from the curriculum of Embedded Systems, department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Portland State University, Oregon, USA, expept for some courses in the general educations cluster were replaced by the required courses of MOET. All courses of the AP-ES (except political courses) are taught in English by senior lecturers of The University of Danang and visiting professors from American and Europe universities such as Portland State University (PSU), University of Washington (UW), Seatle University (SU), Texas Tech University (TTU), University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS), Grenoble INP (GNP), University of Tasmania (UTAS), etc. Students studying at AP-ES are provided with modern laboratories, libraries and classrooms.

Recently, the AP-ES is one of two programs of University of Science and Technology – The University of Danang (DUT) is persuing accreditation from Asian University Network (AUN)..

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