Organisation struction


The University of Danang is organized within the framework of a regional university. Its organisational structure consists of the Presidency and Functional departments. Member colleges and units have their Rectorate Boards and Deans of Falculty.

Minister of Education and Training appoints the President, Vice-presidents of the University of Danang and Rectors of member colleges.

Member colleges and units of the University of Danang are:

  • University of Science and Technology 
  • University of Economics 
  • University of Education 
  • University of Foreign Language Studies 
  • University of Technology and Education 
  • College of Information Technology
  • The University of Danang Branch in Kon Tum 
  • Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy 
  • VNUK Institute for research and executive education 
  • Faculty of Physical Education
  • Danang International Institute of Technology DNIIT