The delegation from the University of Danang visited and worked with Yokohama National University


The University of Danang (UD) and Yokohama National University (YNU) signed the MOU in 2010 and the cooperation between UD and YNU from 2010 until now is still one of the most effective cooperative activities regarding human resources training and scientific research in socio-economic field of local areas. Besides, UD and YNU are also the two key universities which promote the comprehensive cooperation between Yokohama city and Danang city. Furthermore, there are 12 UD’s lecturers studying Master courses and Ph.D courses as well as doing internship at YNU. Many projects are being deployed between UD and YNU such as risk management project, SLER project (sponsored by JSPS) and another project (sponsored JICA and JST). UD and YNU not only has cooperated to organize some seminars, symposia, scientific conferences but also frequently discussed via internet together. It is known that, YNU has a lot of key specialities cooperated with different universities in the world. However, the cooperative programs between UD and YNU just concentrates on some fields such as construction, environment. Therefore, YNU invited the senior delegation from UD to visit YNU and participate the scientific conference with the aim of discussing about prospective cooperative programs in the fields of  Mechanics, Ship building, Electronics and Telecommunication, Information Technology, Material Technology, Economics, Business Administration...   

Responding to the invitation of President of YNU, the delegation from UD led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam, President of UD visited and worked with YNU from January 16th 2014 to January 21st 2014. In the delegation, there were Dr. Hoang Hai, Director of International Cooperation Department, UD; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Cao Tho, Vice Director of Post Graduate Studies Department, UD;  Prof. Truong Ba Thanh, Rector of University of Economics, UD; Dr. Nguyen Hieu, Head of Science, Postgraduate Studies and International Cooperation Office, University of Economics, UD; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dinh Thanh Viet, Dean of Electronics Engineering Faculty, University of Science and Technology, UD; Dr. Le Anh Tuan, Lecturer of Civil Construction Engineering Faculty, University of Science and Technology, UD.

With the desire to develop cooperative training programs at undergraduate level and post graduate level as well as cooperate to do research in the fields of economics, environment, technology, on January 1st, the delegation from UD had an official meeting with Prof. Suzuki Kazuo, President of YNU; Prof. Yamada Hitoshi, Vice President of YNU; Prof. Mizuoguchi, Vice President of YNU; Prof. Ito, Vice President of YNU and Director and Vice Director of International Cooperation Department, YNU. At the meeting, UD’s delegation introduced about framework of organization of UD as well as prospective training programs of members universities, UD which can be deployed to cooperate with YNU in the future. Besides, Prof. Suzuki, president of YNU also expressed that YNU is willing to not only strengthen cooperative program in prospective fields with UD but also request YNU’s professors to choose YNU’s key training programs to cooperate with UD. According to Prof. Suzuki, UD is the strategic partner of YNU in Vietnam and UD is always the first priority to cooperate with in any international cooperative programs of YNU. Besides, YNU also has high schools and faculty of education, therefore, YNU will support UD in training Bachelor of Japanese Language as well as develop some cooperative programs in education management and high school teachers training.



Moreover, at different meetings, the delegation from UD discussed concretely about contents of training programs and scientific researches with representatives of faculties, universities of YNU. UD’s delegation also visited laboratories and result of scientific researches of YNU.

After the meetings, the representatives of the two universities desired for further cooperation in the short-term and long-term master and PhD training programs with different method and the language used could be English or Japanese at the request of Yokohama National University. All departments will receive PhD candidate under MEXT scholarship directly from the professor or the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam. The PhD training program under the 911 project of Vietnam government will receive priority for promotion with many different forms of training. The masters programs are also being prepared to deploy. The plan to open a branch of the Yokohama National University at UD has been mutually discussed to be implemented in the near future. In addition to the above activities, both agreed to continue and further promote exchange programs and student/faculty exchange to promote the development of comprehensive cooperation between the two universities.

Also during this working trip, Prof. Yamada - Vice President of YNU -  has added new content to the field of cooperative education with pedagogical education in innovative approach to education for different levels of education, from early childhood education, primary, secondary school to Higher Education. Yokohama National University, could appoint staff to work at the University of Education - UD or receive future teachers currently studying at the University of Education - UD to practice and research in primary schools, secondary under the Yokohama National University.


         UD President has invited Board of Leaders of YNU to visit and work with UD in the future to further promote cooperation and develop training programs in Vietnam and Yokohama National University. Prof. Yamada has also announced plans to visit and work with UD in 2014. Assoc. Prof Tran Van Nam hope that will bring a new opening for a new year in the spirit of promoting international cooperation in training and human resources development and research not only with Yokohama National University, and also with other international universities in the world .



In addition to the above activities, on 21th January, the UD delegation attended the international conference on "Training and development of the global workforce " by Yokohama National University . The participants are from the Ministry of Education , Culture , Sports and Science of Japan ( MEXT ) , the city of Yokohama , businesses , leaders and Yokohama National University professor , also representatives from University Communications information Shanghai , Fudan University ( China ) , University of Sao Paulo ( Brazil ). UD president has presented the 30-minute report and participate in roundtable discussion at this conference. Prof. Tran Van Nam stated characteristics, current status, challenges and training needs of the workforce in Vietnam, the demands in international cooperation in human resource training, scientific research that UD wants to cooperate with National University of Yokohama in particular and other international institutions in general.

After finishing working days in YNU, UD delegation was impressed by the professional, responsible character of leaders, professors, and staff in Yokohama National University. Besides, both sides discussed the new plan, project and cooperative between the two universities.