The University of Danang, Vietnam and Kyoto University, Japan sign agreement for strenthening mutual cooperation


From February 14th to February 17th ,2014 , Assoc. Prof. Dr Tran Van Nam – President of the University of Danang (UD) led delegation of US to pay a visit and work with Kyoto University (KU) for the purpose of participating in Scientific Conference on Global Environment and signed comprehensive agreements between the two universities. The participants from UD included:

-       Assoc. Prof. Dr Tran Van Nam – President of UD

-       Dr. Hoang Hai – Director, International Cooperation Department

-       Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Manh Toan – Director, Finance-Planning Department

Besides, Mr. Cao Anh Dung, who is First Secretary of the Vietnamese Consulate General in Osaka, was also invited  by Kyoto University to join some activities of UD in Japan.

KyotoUniversity established in 1897 is one of 7 leading research universities in Japan. KU has been alway in the two top-ranking universities in Japan, top 5 universities in Asia and top 50 in the raking table of Times Higher Education (THE). Additionally, Kyoto University achieved eight Nobel Prizes and two Field medalists.

KyotoUniversityhas around 22,000 students, including 9,400 graduate students and research students. Besides, KU have over 5400 lecturers and staff, 10 faculties (Intergrated Human Studies, Letters, Education, Law, Economics, Science, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, Engineering, Agriculture) and 16 graduate schools.

The Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GSGES) of Kyoto University signed a cooperation agreement with University of Technology (DUT), a member of UD, in 2006. The two sides carried out cooperative programs of student exchanges, receiving internship for graduate students and research students, doing joint-research some projects on environment and sustainable development in Danang and central region of Vietnam, co-organizing scientific conferences in Danang and Kyoto, writing scientific journals, etc. GSGES also has representative office in DUT. Thanks to this cooperation, DUT Environmental Engineering Department has been developing in quantity and quality, especially in research and development of other international cooperation programs.

During the trip, apart from official meetings with the senior leaders of Kyoto University and signing agreement, UD delegation had a meeting with the leaders and professors of GSGES to discuss cooperation programs development and participate in the Conference on Global Environment.

The official meeting between UD delegation and KU leaders took place in the morning of February 17th at guest room “100-year establishment anniversary of Kyoto University” with the participation of Prof. Hiroshi Matsumoto – President of KU, Professor Michiaki Mishima – Vice President in charge of international Cooperation in Medicine, Director of Kyoto University Hospital, Prof. Junichi Mori – Vice president of the International Cooperation, Director of International Exchange Promotion Agency and Professor Shigeo Fujii, Professor Shinya Funakawa.

Prof. Matsumoto and Prof. Tran Van Nam made welcome speech and introduced briefly about Kyoto University and the University of Da Nang, and discuss programs and plans for developing collaboration between the two universities in a number of areas such as:

- Training PhD students for UD under scholarships from current KU projects, especially masters and PhD training programs according to the 2020 program of KU, MEXT scholarship by Japanese government, project 911 of Vietnam ...

- Continuing the collaborative research program on Environment funded by JSPS and  coordinate to search for other projects

- Support for Health and Pharmaceutical Development

- Cooperation in the nuclear power workforce training…


President Tran Van Nam and President Matsumoto 

Photo group taking between UD and KU in MOU signing ceremony

Two president are discussing innovation issues in higher education (the middle one is Prof. Mori, the left one is Dr. Hoang Hai)

Overview of the meeting


One of the main activities of the Group is working with Graduate School of Global Environmental tudies and participated in Conference on "Global Environment" at the KU.

The participation from GSGES were Prof. Hideo Fujii, Prof. Hirohide Kobayashi, Prof. Ayako Fujieda. The two sides have evaluated the results achieved through the internship of graduate students and PhD students of Kyoto University in recent years, the programs and projects being implemented. Especially, the groups discussed "double degree" project for Master traing confered by Kyoto University and partner universities in Asia (including UD).

Dr. Cao Anh Dung – representative from Vietnam Consulate General in Osaka and  Showa Women’s University (Tokyo) also participated in this conference. The conference included scientists, professors, PhD students of Kyoto, representatives of research institutions and enterprises in Japan. President Tran Van Nam gave a 30-minute report on the Vietnam Environment and expectations from the Japanese experience as well as the potential of the University of Danang and the prospects of cooperation with Japanese Universities, and also participated in a roundtable discussion as chairperson about this topic.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Tran Van Nam stressed that VN is the drastic development process with rapid growth in many areas. This will probably lead to many environmental problems that need to be placed importance for green growth and sustainable development. Vietnam in general and Danang in particular is look forward to sharing the valuable experience of Japan, through many lessons about environmental protection, human health that Japan has ever faced such as mercury contamination in Minamanta, cadmium poisoning in Toyama. Experience and determination of Japan to overcome and prevent recession of environmental pollution, especially in cities of industrial production in Japan which used to be heavily polluted as Nagoya, Kitakyushu need to cooperate to research and transfer to the Vietnamese Universities.


President Tran Van Nam is giving speech at the conference

UD’s leaders and GSGES