The talk was about: Public relations


In order to meet the Da Nang University students’ requirement to learn about public relations, the Vietnam – United States Studies Corner worked with Fulbright scholar Jay Craig Hartwell to organize three workshops on public relations at the seminar room of the Corner on the 18th, 19th, and 20th 2014. Nearly 240 Da Nang University staff and students, and several people in Da Nang city attended these workshops.
Mr. Jay Craig Hartwell explained the concept of public relations and distinguished between relations and advertisement. Next, he touched upon what news is, what universal factors drive the news, what makes stories newstrustworthy, how editors make decisions (who is the audience, the editor gives the audience what it wants or what he thinks it needs). Also, he taught the audience how to present effectively: Know your audience, kyour room, know your message, know disaster, embrace evaluation, TED Tips, three Ways to present (text (read), brief text/graphics, and story (shared through photos). Moreover, he provided the listeners with media literacy and media literacy core concepts. To help the listeners know more about the work of public relations, Mr. Hartwell divided the audience into nine groups and asked each group to discuss how to organize an event to make known a assigned product and write an event story to put in the newspaper, television, social networks... to attract the attention of the pulic to their event. After a forty five – minute discussion, each group chose their representative to present. The listeners gained more knowledge about public relations through this activity.
Several pictures at the talk:

MSc. Le Thi Thanh Nhan

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