Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony between the University of Danang (UD) and University of Nagasaki (UN), Japan



In the afternoon of 25/11/2014, University of Nagasaki led by Prof. Hiromichi Ohta – President paid a visit to and signed MOU with UD. Assoc.Prof. Tran Van Nam warmly welcomed the delegation.


From UN delegation, there were Prof. Hiromichi Ohta – President of UN; Prof. Satomi Iwashige – Dean of Faculty of Economics Department of Distribution Marketing and Management; Prof. Yuichi Yamasaki – Faculty of Economics/Department of Regional Policy; Prof. Ikuko Yano – Faculty of Economics; MA. Yohei Mieno – Center for International Exchange Programs.


Panorama of the meeting


Before the signing ceremony, leaders of the two universities exchanged and discussed on appropriate directions of cooperation. After listening to president Tran Van Nam’s introduction about UD, Prof. Hiromichi Ohta highly appreciated UD. He expressed belief that UD will reach higher stage of development in the future. Prof. Ohta showed his great pleasure with the cooperation between UN and UD through MOU signing.


Prof. Hiromichi Ohta – President, leading the delegation of UN.


Afterthe evaluations on UD, Prof. Hiromichi Ohta continued brief introduction on UN. The University of Nagasaki is a prefectural institution grounded in the historical, cultural, and geographical character of Nagasaki.As such, it aspires to fulfill a role as a center of learning and culture contributing to local economic growth and human resources development. However, Nagasaki University also attaches special importance to international cooperation in order to devote human resources for the Asian region. The strengths of Nagasaki University are economics, international relation, nursing and nutrition education. It now has about 3,000 students. At the meeting, Prof. Hiromichi Ohta proposed to cooperate with UD in the corresponding training programs between UN and UD.


MOU signing ceremony between UN and UD


In response to the recommendations of Prof. Hiromichi Ohta, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam revealed that UD could work with UN in 03 training programs that proposed by UN. UD has University of Economics providing specialized training in the field of economics; Faculty of International Studies of Danang University of Foreign Languages Studies provides Oriental Studies; and Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy. Similar training programs will be the good premise for the bilateral cooperation between UN and UD.


Group photo taking between leaders of the two universities.


Prof. Hiromichi Ohta expressed his satisfaction and thanks UD for the warm and attentive welcome to UN.


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