The University of Danang promoted cooperation with Westfalian University of applied sciences, Gemany



In the morning of December 4th, 2014, The University of Danang (UD) welcomed the delegation of Westfalian University of Applied Sciences, Germany (WUAS) led by Prof. Dr. Katrin Hansen, Vice President for Planning, Finances and International Relations. In the delegation, there was also MA. Nadine Hackmann, Head of International Office. At UD’ side, there were Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Nam - President of UD; Assoc. Prof. Phan Van Hoa – Dean of School of International Education – UD; MA. Ho Long Ngoc – Vice Director of International Cooperation Department – UD; Dr. Bui Minh Hien – Vice Head of Science Technology & International Cooperation Office – University of Science and Technology – UD; Dr. Nguyen Phuc Nguyen – Head of Science, Post Graduate Studies & International Cooperation Office, University of Economics – UD; Dr. Phan Qui Tra – Head of Science Management & International Cooperation Office, College of Technology – UD; MA. Nguyen Van Binh, Vice Head of Academic Affairs and Scientific Research Office, College of IT – UD and other relevant officers.



In the meeting, MA. Ho Long Ngoc briefly introduced about framework of organization as well as training programs of all member universities of UD. Especially, Vice Director Ho Long Ngoc also presented research cooperation programs that have been conducted between UD and other foreign universities



MA. Nadine Hackmann, Head of International Office at WUAS     


Responding to the question of senior representatives from UD about framework of organization and training program at WUAS, Prof. Dr. Katrin Hansen briefly introduced about WUAS. It is known that WUASwas established in 1992 with the prestigious education specializing in training Technical-Economic. WUAShas 10.000 students, 200 professors and 400 cadres.Besides, WUAS has 4 campuses located in Gelsenkirchen, Bocholt, Recklinghausen and Ahaus. The four campuses of WUAS comprise 8 departments, offering more than 30 degree study programmes.Campus in Gelsenkirchen specializes in trainingMechanical Engineering and Facilities Management, Electrical Engineering and Applied Natural Sciences, Informatics and Journalism, Business Studies... Campus in Bocholt specializes in training Business Studies and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering... Campus inRecklinghausen specializes in training Business Law, Business Engineering... At present,WUAS has deployed 30 training courses in the fields of Technology, Informatics, Natural Science, Business, Law. In addition, WUAS also improves cooperation with more than 60 universities worldwide and receives many foreign students from about 40 countries of the world. Especially, at the meeting, Prof. Katrin Hansen also emphasized that WUAS will strengthen to cooperate with different universities in Asia.



Prof. Dr. Katrin Hansen, Vice President for Planning, Finances and
International Relations at WUAS discussed about potential cooperation between UD & WUAS with Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Nam, President of UD          


At the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Nam presented that almost majors of WUAS are quite similar to majors at UD. Moreover, UD has some lecturers graduated from famous universities in Germany. Especially, at present, UD has close relationship with Ludwig-maximilians University, Germany in the field of Medicine and Pharmacy. Therefore, President Tran Van Nam hopes to promote cooperation in training program and scientific research with universities in Germany in general and WUAS in particular. Hence, Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Nam suggested some proposals as follows:

- Cooperate to establish German Faculty at University of Foreign Language Studies, UD;

- Send UD’s students to study at WUAS by Scholarship from Vietnamese government or Europe;

-  Cooperate to organize some international workshops, seminars, conferences;

-  Receive WUAS’s lecturers to teach for Advanced Program or High-qualified Program at member-universities of UD;

-  Cooperate to open short-term courses (3 weeks) for UD and WUAS students at Danang;


In the meeting, Dr. Nguyen Phuc Nguyen expressed his desire to promote cooperation with WUAS in the fields of International Business, Logistics...and receive professors from WUAS to teach for High-qualified program at University of Economics, UD.


Dr. Bui Minh Hien suggested that WUAS and University of Science and Technology, UD will cooperate to exchange lecturers, students in the fields of IT, Electrical Engineering... as well as receive visiting professors from WUAS to teach for Advanced Program at  University of Science and Technology, UD.




Responding the above suggestions, Prof. GS. Katrin Hansenghiacknowledged teaching and research proposals of UD and expressed her willingness to cooperate with UD. Besides, Prof. Katrin Hansen also emphasized that WUAS is willing not only to cooperate and support Vietnamese students in their study and research at WUASbut also receive UD’s lecturers, doctoral students to come to do research or for training in short-term or long-term courses.


After the meeting, two sides signed the MOU and hoped the cooperative activities between the two universities will soon be deployed as well as have good results in the future.



Mou Signing Ceremony between UD and WUAS


At the end of the meeting, Prof. Katrin Hansen expressed her thanks to UD for the warm welcome and hopes that cooperative programs in training and scientific research between the two universities will develop steadily.


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