Photo reportage: Blood Donation – A Significant Volunteer Activity of Youth Union of the University of Danang’s Head Quarter



In order to promote the spirit of volunteering and sharing together with community in the humanitarian blood donation event, in the morning of December 4th, 2014, Youth Union from Head Quarter of the University of Danang (UD) organized a Festive day named “Blood Donation Day: Sharing the red blood” for all UD’students and cadres.


Happy smile was always in the lips of blood donors from UD’s Youth Union


A lot of members of Youth Union were present at the Hall of UD at 6:30 a.m

to register for blood donation


230 members of Youth Union who are UD’s students, cadres registered to donate blood


This activity attracted large and positive attention from members of Youth Union of UD’s Head Quarter


172 units of blood – the heart of all UD’s students, volunteers and cadres – were reserved for unfortunate patients


“Sharing the red blood, sharing the hopes”


Members of Youth Union received confirm certificate, milk and cake after donating blood


The humanitarianBlood Donation - a lofty activity, a noble gesture of the whole society


All blood donors were tested blood pressure before collecting blood


… and the blood testing process was carried out seriously and thoroughly


Blood donation is one of important activities attracting deep attention from Youth Union of UD’s Head Quarter


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