University of Economics (The University of Danang) (DUE-UD) received more than 5,000 book titles from Professor Yoshiaki Takahashi (Chuo University, Japan)



With a view to supportingteaching and research materials for faculty members, students of the University of Danang (UD), Professor Yoshiaki Takahashi from the Faculty of Commerce (Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan) has donated to 5103 book titles with the total amount of 5447 volumes to Learning & Information Research Center (LIRC). The majority of these books belong to fields of economics and business, LIRC decided to hand over these ones to DUE-UD to ensure optimal efficiency.



The signing andhandover ceremony was solemnly taken place on the afternoon of 10/12/2014 at the Library of University of Economics with the participation of Professor Takahashi Yoshiaki; Ms. Phan Thi Thu Nga - Director of LIRC-UD, Mr. Tran Dinh Khoi Nguyen - Vice-Rector of University of Economics and relevant staffs.



Signing ceremony between Prof.Takahashi and Director of LIRC - UD 


Assoc.Prof.Tran Dinh Khoi Nguyen – Vice Rector of DUE-UD signed receipt record of these books from Director of LIRC - UD 


All thebooks received from Prof. Takahashi were orderly arranged ina special reading room called the Japanese Corner located on the 2nd floor of the Library. These books are not only for students of University of Economics, but also open for all students of the University of Danang and those who have passion for knowledge of business and economics that Professor Takahashi has long time of collection and donation.








Regarding this significant donation,Professor Takahashi shared: "Knowledge is truly promoted its potential value when it comes to people, not just for display on a shelf. Today, I am very happy when visiting the library and seeing my books which were carefully displayed and preserved, especially they were received and enthusiastically read by young staff and students. Thanks everyone for this acceptance".



Reportedly, LIRC has asked Prof. Takahashi for opinion of digitizing some materials with the purpose of introducing these valuable materials to the Central and nationwide in the time to come.


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