The 7th meeting of Council of Science and Training, The University of Danang, term 2010 - 2015



Last weekend, Council of Science and Training opened its 7th session at the University of Danang (UD) with the participation of Prof.Dr.Sc. Bùi Văn Ga, Vice-Minister of Education and Training and other 50 members of Council of Science and Training, term 2010 - 2015.


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Trần Văn Nam – President of UD, Chairman of Council of Science and Training made the report.


Come to the7th session of Council of Science and Training, delegates heard report from Assoc.Prof. Dr. Trần Văn Nam – President of UD, Chairman of Council on "Results performance of the 6th session conclusions and orientation of development in the time to come."In the report, Dr. Trần Văn Nam has made eight conclusions regarding a number of issues such as: (1) The establishment and upgrading of the member units; (2) UD Village; (3) Autonomy in enrollment; (4) Output standard improvement; (5) The staff training and cultivating; (6) High quality training; (7) Science and Technology Fund; (8) Continued implementation of the 5th meeting’s conclusions. In general, all contents concluded in the 5th session have been implemented, creating big change for UD.



Prof.Dr.Sc.Bùi Văn Ga – Vice Minister of Education and Training delivered speech at the Conference    


Report of Presidentcontinued to focus on five key issues: Offering opinions and voting for UD’s Science and Technology Development Fund approval; Making solutions to develop UD toward a research-oriented university; Providing solutions to increase revenue; Stratification and Enrollment; Planning the network of member units of UD.




Overview of the Conference          


Followingthe report of the Council’s Chairman, participants continued to hear leaders of affiliated members to suggest contents for discussion and Council’s consultation.



Prof.Dr. Nguyễn Thế Hùng proposed contents need to discuss and consult Council                 



Chairmen of Council gave commentsand answered questions from participants                    


Finally, Council launched 05 important conclusions:

1. Limitation of State budget’ use for Science and TechnologyDevelopment Fund and encourage mobilization from other sources; Supplement content of risks handling.

2. Solutionsfor developing research-oriented university: Solutions for postgraduate training (Restrictions on the minimum number of each class and interdisciplinary admission); Research (Building projects / research programs); Focus on developing some faculties; Focus on accreditation to plan.

3. Financial solutions towards financial cooperation

4. Planningand developing a network of teaching-research teams which are not administrative organization.

5. Establishment of teaching-research teams



Group photo taking between members of Council of Science and Training, term  2010 – 2015


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