Seminar on “Working together for better learning experiences”



Method innovation, English teaching capacity improvement were the main contents of the 2nd seminar "Working together for better learning experiences"2014 which was organized on 26/12/2014 by Danang University of Foreign Language Studies in collaboration with Balsamo Outreach for Learning and Teaching (BOLT). The seminar was home to 200 foreign language teachers from universities, colleges and secondary schools in the city of Da Nang.


Dr. Tran Huu Phuc delivered the opening remark.


Opening the seminar, Dr. Tran Huu Phuc - Rector of University of Foreign Language Studies – the University of Danang said: "Working together for better learning experiences” seminar is very practical and helpful that is held annually in order to create the best condition for English teachers to exchange and learn experiences in English teaching. The seminar contributes to the vision’s expansion, brings rich source of information which towards innovation and improving the quality of English teaching and learning in the context of integration. Earlier, in 2013, a similar seminar was held at Danang University of Foreign Language Studies with the reports directly by the experts of BOLT. This time, we are honored to welcome the rapporteurs who are reputable scholars from the UK, USA, Canada, Philippines namely Michael Carroll, Peter John Wanner, Magnolia Koh Wanner, Christopher Fulton with the thematic reports on Teaching supra-segmental pronunciation through movie/ dialogues; Speaking and Listening in Large Classes: Involving all Students; Incorporating Grammar Exercises that are Active with Positive Influence; Teaching Speaking Skills in the English Classroom; Teaching with polling technologies: examples for assessment and interactive activities; Jigsaw in Speaking - an alternative technique for big classes?”


Dr. TranHuuPhucgave flowers totherapporteurs


The seminar organizing committee


At the seminar, participants heard attractive reports introducing some interactive teaching methods to improve language skills for pupils and students. Regarding topic “Teaching supra-segmental pronunciation through movie/ dialogues”, expert MichaelCarroll revealed that learners often did not identify the supra-segmentalinformationof pronunciation when reading aloud a text. Learners did not group words for a meaningful way, and therefore they ignored the critical stress patterns in creating meaning in English. Therefore, the use of clips and dialogues could help people learn how to use the sense of intonation and stress in the communication to be more successful. One other theme "Speaking and Listening in Large Classes: Involving all Students” by Michael Carroll helped people grasp the method how to ensure that all students in large classes have the opportunity to talk and listen as well as the method of using spelling to connect learners to the exchange of information and communication with the aim to raise awareness of grammar and phonetics. With the topic "Teaching Speaking Skills in the English Classroom," expert Magnolia Koh Wanner suggested interaction to outline the activities and the objectives set for the activities were to help learners be able to expose their ideas or proposals. These skills could be developed at the beginning of high school and helped students become best speakers in discussion or speech. Regarding the method of "Teaching with polling technologies: examples for assessment and interactive activities," Christopher Fulton revealed that Plickers was the tool used for collective technology of effective feedback for the evaluation activities that could support teaching related to all students in the classroom. Plickers was used to conduct the short exercises that were evaluated and scored automatically and could also be used to stimulate interaction and discussion in the classroom. Withthis tool, students could receive prompt responses from teachers through benefits of opinion collective techniques that were less time consuming in short exercises evaluation.


Another report of MA.Vu Thi Chau Sa - Lecturer of Faculty of English named "Coupling in speaking: An option for the large English classroom" introduced techniques used in the discussion of speaking lessons in the large classroom with the aim to maximize interaction time and student’s activities for the better preparation for presentation skills and teamwork.


Expert Michael Carroll speaking at the seminar





Experiences exchanging and sharing between rapporteurs and participants at the seminar


Speaker Christopher Fulton was presenting the topic “Teaching with polling technologies: examples for assessment and interactive activities”


End ofthe seminar, the participants were awarded certificates of participation. The workshop was closed successfully, creating opportunities for English teachers to be professionally cultivated, exchange, learn, and share ideas and practical experiences with colleagues from the local and international. Through the seminar, teachers could select the most effective method of English teaching in accordance with the practices of their classes.



Participants received the certificates


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