Kristianstad University visited and worked with the University of Danang



In the morning of January 20th, 2015, Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Nam welcomed and worked with the delegation from Kristianstad University (HKR), Sweden led by Prof. Lacoursiere Ovila Jean – Sustainable Water Management Faculty – Department of Natural Sciences.


The delegation included Prof. Vougt Britt-Marie Lena – Faculty of Limnology – School of Education and Environment, Prof. Martensson Lennart Helge Stig – Faculty of Environmental Technologies and Assoc. Prof. Magntorn Ola Per – Faculty of Science Education, School of Education and Environmental Sciences.



At the meeting,  Prof. Tran Van Nam briefly introduced about the University of Danang (UD) and all member-universities of UD.


Responding to the question from senior representatives of UD about framework of organization and training program at HKR, Prof. Lacoursiere Ovila Jean gave a brief introduction about HKR. HKR is a modern university situated in southern Sweden. HKR was established in 1977 and estimated as one of the best quality universities in fields of teaching and doing scientific research. The number of students of HKR is over 13000. Besides, HKR offers bachelor degree programmes, master degree programmes and a wide range of courses taught in English. Programmes and courses are offered in teaching, social, natural and health sciences, business administration, engineering... Regarding bachelor degree programmes, HKR offers three programmes taught entirely in English such as: Computer Science and Engineering, Software Development, English (Language, Literature and Society). Moreover, there are four master degree programmes taught in English such as: Sustainable Water Management, Integrative Health Science, Business Administration, Embedded System. Especially, HKR also has some courses for exchange students cooperating with various universities in the world.


In addition, according to Prof. Lacoursiere Ovila Jean, there is a group of students of HKR sent to universities of Laos to study and do scientific research. Besides, Prof. Lacoursiere Ovila Jean also presented that, Sustainable Water Management Faculty has cooperated with Hoi An ancient town to implement a project named City Blue.




After the introduction of both universities, the two sides continued to discuss about potential cooperation fields as follows:

- Faculty exchange, Student exchange;

- Cooperate to do scientific research;

- Cooperate to organize workshops, conferences, seminars...;

- Cooperate to find funds to set up and implement  some projects;

- Cooperate to open some Joint programs 2+2, 3+1 in the fields of: Biology, Business Administration, Embedded System, EnvironmentSustainable Water Management, Environmental Technologies and Teacher Education...;

- Send UD’s faculty, students to study and do research at HKR and vice versa.

Finally, the two sides discussed concretely to soon sign the MOU in the nearest future.



After working with UD, the delegation of HKR continued to visit and work with University of Education – UD and College of Technology - UD.



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