The University of Danang signed the Mou with Mimasaka city, Okayama province, Japan



Accept the invitation of Mr. Hagiwara Seiji – Mayor of Mimasaka City, Okayama Province, Japan, from April 5th, 2015 to April 8th, 2015, the delegation from the University of Danang (UD) led by Prof. Tran Van Nam – President of UD visited and signed the MoU with People’ Committee and City Council of Mimasaka city.


In UD’s delegation, there were also Assoc. Prof. Le Thanh Bac – Director of Administration Department, Dr. Doan Gia Dung – Director of Personnel Department, Dr. Hoang Hai – Director of International Cooperation Department, Prof. Le Kim Hung – Rector of University of Science and Technology and Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Manh Toan – Rector of University of Economics.


With the aim of enhancing international cooperation, diversifying types of cooperation, finding out the employment opportunities for students and developing the relationship “Authority – Enterprise – University”, Prof. Tran Van Nam discussed and suggested the comprehensive cooperation with Mimasaka city on the occasion of Mr. Hagiwara’s visit to UD in January 2015. The two parties agreed with the content of the MoU and would organize the official signing ceremony at Mimasaka city, Japan on the occasion ofthe cherry blossoms in full bloom, with hopes to deploy a lot of concrete cooperative activitiesand bring benefits for the two parties.


The Mou signing ceremony between UD and Mimasaka city was solemnly organized at Mimasaka city with not only more than 50 distinguished guests who represent People’s committee, City council, Departments, Agencies and huge enterprises in Mimasaka city but also representatives from well-known news agencies and newspapers such as NHK, KSB and Sanyo television station and Sanyo newspaper. Especially, in this ceremony, there was also the presence of H.E.Mr. Hattori Norio – former Japanese Ambassador in Vietnam (two term from 2002 to 2008)


At the ceremony, Mr. Hagiwara Seiji – Mayor of Mimasaka city, who positively contributed to the normal and promotion of Vietnam – Japan friendly relationship in 1973 and delivered a lecture for UD’s staff and student about “Peace, Friendship and Prosperity” in January 2015, shared that he is very interested in UD for many reasons as follows: the role and position of UD at Central area of Vietnam, the diligence of people in Central area and his desire to enroll staff from UD including students have ability to use Japanese to work at People’s committee of Mimasaka city as supporters and consultants for employees. Besides, the Mayor officially presented his desire to establish The University of Danang – Branch in Mimasaka city. 


President Tran Van Nam delivers speech at the Signing Ceremory

    Mr Hagiwara, Mayor of Mimasaka city, delivers speech at the Signing Ceremory


At the ceremony, UD’s President also expressed his highest appreciation to the Mayor of Mimasaka city. It was much a great honor for the delegation to be invited to visit the land of the rising sun to work with the Committee, Council, the enterprise community of the city and to attend the ceremony. In fact, the special model of cooperation between an administrative unit/ government of Japan and a university of Vietnam like the case of UD and Mimasaka city is the first case in both Vietnam and Japan.


The agreement mainly focuses on receiving high-qualified human resources for Mimasaka city, creating employment opportunities for students, supporting the development of Japanese language and professional skills to work in enterprises and administration for UD, organizing scientific conferences and publishing papers in the fields of mutual interest.


Mayor (on the right), Chairman of city council (on the left) and UD’s President are siging the agreement.

    All sides finishes signing


The ceremony did take place and finish successfully under the witness of many particpants from the government, citizens and enterprises in the city of Mimasaka, Japan. At the end of the ceremony, all distinguished guests were invited to see the Vietnamese film "Don’t Burn" (In Vietnamse: Đừng đốt) with Japanese subtitles. Many were very sympathetic and deeply touched after watching this film because Vietnam and Japan had experienced much trauma of war such as disasters in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Japan) or the massacre of My Son, Agent orange... (Vietnam). This is the understanding to cooperate and developt for peace, prosperity and the development is not only for UD but it can be also replicated to the city of Danang.


After the signing ceremony, Prof. Tran Van Nam in response to the press and Japan television shared that UD would like to send high-qualified human resources to Mimasaka city and receive teachers and experts of the Mimasaka city to support UD in Japanese language teaching, administrative management and other academic exchanges activities for staff and students of UD. /.


Speech by Mr. Hattori Norio, Former Ambassador of Japan to Vietnam 

    The delegation offers Photo of President Ho Chi Minh to the Mayor of Mimasaka city

Working with the Committee of Mimasaka city

    Group Photo taking with the Committee of Mimasaka city


Japanese Articles about the signing ceremony: (video included)


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