The lead Architect for the design of the Al Rayyan Stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar had a talk at the University of Da Nang: Need to preserve and strongly develop lines and style of Vietnamese Architecture



"Do not be a flat table with 4 sides at traditional style. Do not be a too modern innovative style, nature around us brings much more suggestions of exemplary designs"- Architect (Arc) Dipesh Patel, former Director of Arup Associates and the lead Architect of design project for the Al Rayyan Stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar and Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium which has just completed in Al Ain, UAE shared in his presentation this morning at the University of Da Nang (UD).


Arc.Dipesh Patel - as introduced by himself – originates from Africa, has studied in France, then studied architecture at the University of Bath (the UK) and pursued urban design at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, the US. This is the first visit to Danang of Arc.Dipesh as a guest speaker of the seminar "Architecture in Culture and Education" (co-organized by VN-UK Institute for Research and Executive Education, Faculty of Architecture – the University of Science and Technology, UD, Aston University and the University of Da Nang).


Arc.DipeshPatel and Arup Associates led many high profile projects including the innovative Coventry University School of Engineering and Mathematics that opened in 2013. Not only were the structure and outside architectural lines, he also posted the ideas of furniture decoration and placement.


Inspiredby hexagon of honeycomb in nature, Dipesh Patel and his colleagues at Arup Associates have created a hexagonal facade and the tables in the auditorium were also the convention of half of the honeycomb design: three side tables.


Dipesh Patel shared: “Wetried to create a teaching space with new creation. Methods of teaching and learning are still based on the interaction between teacher and students in the past but with the change of space. The teacher standing in front of the counter and the podium was gone. Instead of that, a group of six students sits together around a 3 sides table. They listen to the lecture, but also can easily discuss, learn and solve problems.


If theysit in rows of desks and tables arranged in a line, how we can discuss together."


Thehoneycomb shape inspired Arc. Dipesh to pose many unique ideas



Dipesh is an architect and urban designer based in London. He founded Pattern in 2009 as an experimental design-focused practice, dedicated to exceeding client expectations


He won the prestigious 2007/8 BD Sports Architect of the Year for Kensington Oval, Barbados. He was the lead architect for the City of Manchester Stadium venue for the 2002 Commonwealth Games and was awarded the 2002 GG2 Innovation Award for his work there. Most of his projects have a significant urban regeneration and civic emphasis.


From Coventry University to 2022 World Cup Stadium



Assoc.Prof. Dr. Doan Quang Vinh – Vice President of UD recognized: “The seminar is a valuable opportunity for us to acquire experiences from the renowned Arc.Dipesh on the topic of Architecture in the field of culture and education and sport as well.


He did hope that the leaders, teaching staff and architects of UD’s members and relevant organization in the city of Danang acknowledged benefits from the presentation of Depesh – a famous Architect from the UK. Photo: T.N


Prof. Alison Halstead, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Aston University also shared another perspective on the management of architectural space. According to her, we do not always have enough funds to build a new hall, a new project. Therefore, the renovation and arrangement of available space is as an optimal solution.


“Ihave an attention for the professionals: Please preserve the lines and styles of Vietnamese architecture and, if possible, you can show them. Do not borrow, copy too much. You must have yours” shared Prof.Alison Halstead. Photo.T.N


Prof.Alison Halstead & reputed Arc. Dipesh share the common vision of space and the environment of knowledgecomprehension. All have been re-decorated.


University is an open space where anyone can come to play, visit and then come back to... study. We must create a space where everything has high cohesion. This space is associated with other one and these spaces inherent in people using them. We were aware that: The change of teaching and knowledge transfer methods is needed, then it’s time to change the space, environment and facilities for learning. And in these spaces, there is always a group of 6 people who work and learn from each other. Let us make the space for more group like that. And sometimes the only problem is the decoration and furniture rearrangement of a lecture hall.


Seminar “Architecture in Culture and Education” attracted the attention of professionals.




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