Prof.Doctor Young Tae Yu “A good surgeon must be a person who diagnoses illness of patient by his heart”



"A good surgeon must be a person who uses his heart and talent for accurate diagnosis and empathy with patients. If he just relies on machinery, he will be a technician or a surgical technician only"- that was one of the precious words of Prof.Doctor Young Tae Yu (Hospital of Mount St. Mary Lewiston, New York, USA) in a working visit to the University of Danang (UD) on May 12, 2015.



On behalf of UD, Prof. Tran Van Nam has expressed happiness and sincere thanks to Prof.Doctor Young for his enthusiasm in training for general medical students, the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, UD. Simultaneously, President Tran Van Nam also shared his appreciation to Doctor Specialist II. Tran Ngoc Ba, Vice Director of Danang Hospital who has contacted and introduced experienced professors, doctors to the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.


“We would like to receive valuable experiences from Prof.Dr Young in medical curriculum development and faculty governance and through Prof.Dr.Young’s introduction, UD will receive more other excellent Doctors to come to UD for training”, said President Nam.




At the meeting, Prof.Dr. Young Tae Yu highly appreciated the warm welcome of UD and the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy. He also shared the joy of contacting and teaching medical students. Through his talk, he emphasized the importance of English, an international language in medical works, for students, especially medical students in knowledge access and international integration. He wishedthe medical students as well as physician staffs constantly improve foreign language skills to acquire updated knowledge. Prof.Doctor Young also pledged his support and introduction of partners to the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.



Reportedly, during the trip from May 5 to May 13, 2015, Prof.Doctor. Young Tae Yu participated in teaching neurosurgery to the 1st year medical students in of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy. Prof.Doctor. Young has over 50 years of experience in the field of neurosurgery in the US.


Prof.Dr. Young Tae Yu delivered lecture of anatomy for medical students – the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (Photo: the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy)


Attending the lectureson neurosurgery, there were Doctor SpecialistII. Tran Ngoc Ba - Vice Director of Da Nang Hospital, Doctor. Phan The Phuoc Long – Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Doctor. Ho Xuan Tuan - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy. The sessions were taken place in the friendly and exciting atmosphere. Prof.Doctor. Young enthusiastically presented the issues in the fields of neurosurgery, while shared his experiences in specific clinical cases. The medical students were attentive to acquire knowledge and expressed their questions. This was really a valuable opportunity for students not only to access to the advanced medical knowledge from the experienced doctor but also to improve their foreign language skills.


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