The University of Danang coordinated with Kyoto University, Japan to host the 3rd Vietnam – Japan University Presidents’ Conference



The 3rd Vietnam – Japan University Presidents’ Conferencewas held in two days 28th and 29th September 2015 in Danang with the coordination of Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam (MOET) and the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT). More than 200 participants representing 30 Japanese universities and more than 40 Vietnamese universities shared common ideas relating to higher education and research.


Prof.Dr. Tran Van Nam – President of the University of Danang




The University of Danang (UD)and Kyoto University (KU) are the two universities nominated by the MOET, Vietnam and the MEXT, Japan to host the Conference. The Conference aims to help the higher education institutions of Vietnam and Japan to share experiences; build and develop projects in training and research contributing to the growth of the comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and Japan.


Prof. Juichi YAMAGIWA - President of Kyoto University, Japan


The 3rd Vietnam – Japan University Presidents’ Conference helps to create the foundation for presidents and managers from universities and educational institutions of the two countries to share ideas, initiatives and information on the current important issues related to higher education and research, management at international level. The Conference aims to enrich the education and research activities of educational institutions in Japan and Vietnam, to strengthen academic cooperation between the two countries.


The signing ceremonyon cooperation in the field of education and training of human resources between the University of Danang and Yokohama National University,Japan.


Prof.Dr.Sc Bui Van Ga – Vice Minister of Education and Training


At the Conference, participants focused on discussing issues of mutual concern such as cooperation development of training programs with alternating time between Vietnamese and Japanese Universities at undergraduate and post graduate level. The bilateral agreements of mutual recognition of credits for the degree were encouraged.


President of UD – Prof.Dr.Tran Van Nam and Assoc.Prof.Doan Quang Vinh – Vice President of UD.


Friendly handshakes between Vice Minister of MOET and President of KU.


Training cooperationis closely linked to business: To encourage the universities of the two countries to coordinate training of manpower associated with the needs of businesses, especially the existing Japanese businesses in Vietnam. These universities set up training programs which enable Vietnamese students to practice in Japan as well as in the Japanese businesses; nominate professors, doctors, experienced teaching staff of Japanese universities to come to Vietnam for teaching.




In addition, the two parties exchanged information of issues on scientific research cooperation in the areas of mutual interest; seek funding from the government, businesses and other sponsors to carry out joint research programs. Through these programs, the two parties can perform co-supervisors for PhD training.


Mr. Jun YANAGI – Minister, Japanese Embassy in Vietnam.


Mr. Hiroki TAURA – Director for International Analysis, Higher Education Bureau, MEXT, Japan


MOET highly appreciates the outcome of joint cooperation in training and research between the universities of Japan - Vietnam and believes that through the 3rd Conference, new cooperation projects will be developed and the relationship between Vietnam and Japan in the field of education and training will be boosted in quality and quantity.




In parallel with cooperation at the government level, many universities in Japan and Vietnam are trying to promote cooperation exchange. Several projects are under construction and development. Some Japanese universities have come to Vietnam to open a representative office.

In recent years, Japan has supported education and training sector in Vietnam through projects of technical cooperation, training capacity building such as: Projects of Tay Bac University, UD, Hue University, Hanoi University of Technology, Vietnam Academy of Agriculture...


Mr. Nguyen Xuan Vang  – Director General of International Cooperation, MOET, Vietnam and President Tran Van Nam presented gifts to Mr. Hiroki TAURA (in the middle)


Besides, Japan grants more than a hundred scholarships to students, trainees and fellows of Vietnam to study and research at the universities of Japan every year. These projects have been continued to significantly contribute to improving the quality of higher education in Vietnam that helps Vietnam to train high-quality human resources to serve the industrialization - modernization of the country.


Vice Minister Bui Van Ga, in a speech at the Conference, expressed his great pleasure as the Conference attracted the participation of many educational administrators, professors, researchers and experts from the universities and research institutes from both countries and did hope that Vietnamese universities could take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the Japanese education system, promote cooperation with Japanese partners.


All participants at the Conference


Vice Minister emphasized that the 3rd Vietnam – Japan University Presidents’ Conferencetook place in the context that education in Vietnam is implementing Resolution No. 29 NQ/TW on radical and comprehensive innovation in education and training. A task set for Vietnam's education is how to improve the quality of higher education to meet the requirements of socio-economic development and international integration deeper and wider. To achieve such goals, Vietnam is implementing major measures such as applying advanced training program, building excellent universities; doing university autonomy; stratifying and ranking higher education institutions at research-oriented direction and practical applications; promoting scientific research; strengthening international cooperation; implementing schemes for training teaching staff abroad ... In the process of education reform, Vietnam needs the support and assistance of advanced countries including Japan.


Reportedly, in 2009, the Vietnam – Japan University Presidents’ Conferencewas first held in Hanoi, Vietnam, and in 2012, the 2nd Conference was taken place in Kyoto, Japan. The aforementioned Conferences marked gradual development of  bilateral cooperation in the field of higher education. From these Conferences, many cooperation programs and ideas have been implemented that helped the relationship between Vietnam and Japan in the field of higher education and research to reach to a new level in parallel with diplomatic - political - economic relations between Vietnam and Japan. One of the results of the previous Conferences whichthat was proposal of building excellent university such as Vietnam- Japan University and Can Tho University with the assistance of ODA of Japan has been realized.


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