“Business Incubator", "Triangular partnerships", "Open project in science and technology" - the new cooperative directions between the University of Danang and Wallonie – Bruxelles region



"I will invite leading experts in key industries to visit and work with the University of Danang (UD). We will try our best to expand cooperation with UD and its members in future "- These are the cordial words shared by Mrs. Ann Lange - Representative Chief of Wallonie – Bruxelles Delegation in the working visit at UD in the morning of 20/10/2015.


Mrs. Ann Lange officially takes her term of office as the Representative Chief of Belgium’s French speaking communitiesand Wallonie region in Vietnam from 01/9/2015.



According to President Tran Van Nam, UD has had long lasting cooperation with partners in Belgium and Wallonie – Bruxelles region. Many staff of UD who were sent to Belgium for training returned UD to serve in the Faculties of Chemistry, Architecture ... that help boost cooperation between the two sides.


At UD, French has always been focused to develop. Specifically, Faculty of French language strongly develops with high number of students. UD and its members have participated and become AUF’s members.



In recent years, UD has always taken the lead in the quantity of scholarship receivers of Governmental project 911 thanks to the combination of English and French. This is really a strong point of UD’s staff.


In the cooperative projects between the two sides, it cannot but mention cooperation between UD and University of Liege to open Master courses in Logistics which attracted many students from businesses operating in logistics services at seaport and aviation.


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Thi Thuy Anh, Vice-Rector of University of Economics, UD shared more about the projects cooperated with the Wallonie - Bruxelles region in the development of Logistics Cluster in Danang through cooperation agreement (MOU) which was signed between the Center for Research and Development of Logistics at University of Economics, Logistics Cluster in Wallonie - Bruxelles region and eight (08) business associations in the city of Da Nang.


President Tran Van Nam committed to best support to cooperation projects with Wallonie – Bruxelles region; encourage staff to learn more about the programs and projects of Wallonie - Bruxelles region in industries of French language, economics, engineering, logistics and etc.



Currently, UD conduct model of "triangle partnerships" between universities, local government and businesses. This is a good model between the parties, and is similar to the model of the Wallonie – Bruxelles region.


 “The demand for French translation and interpretation is highly recommended. Therefore, human resource for this work is essential. In 12/2015, Faculty of French language will receive Professor from Wallonie - Bruxelles region for translation and interpretation training in French at the Faculty” shared Dr.Nguyen Huu Binh – Dean of Faculty of French language.


After hearing information from the UD’s leaders, Mrs. Ann Lange was very pleased and moved since the cooperation programs has brought good results, especially in developing French at UD. The projects was small but had enormous influence, especially the cooperation with the University of Liege contributing to development of qualified human resources in logistics at  a seaport city as Danang.


Mrs. Ann Large said that in the framework of the meeting between the Government of Vietnam and the Government of Belgium which will take place in November, the Ministry of Planning and Investment will approve important projects in commerce and investment.



Mrs. Ann Large also proposed cooperation in open projects in science and technology sector. With "triangle partnerships" model as Prof. Tran Van Nam mentioned above, UD easily finds important partners. She also shared the idea of "business incubators", in which she pledged to invite leading experts in key industries to Vietnam and UD to expand cooperation in the coming years.


Reportedly, Representative Chief Ann Lange recommended that Danang city will be the destination in the forthcoming working route of General Director of Diplomatic Authority and H.E. Minister – President of Wallonie - Bruxelles region to Vietnam.   


Prof. Tran Van Nam expressed his sincere thanks to Mrs. Ann Lange’s sharing and initiatives to promote cooperation between the two sides. “We wish and look forward to welcome the General Director of Diplomatic Authority and H.E. Minister- President of Wallonie - Bruxelles region to the University of Danang” said Prof. Tran Van Nam.


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