General Director of Diplomatic Organ of Wallonie – Bruxelles committed to support development of Logistics Centre at the University of Economics, the University of Danang and French language at the University of Foreign Language Studies, UD



Following thevisit of Mrs. Ann Lange – Representative Chief of Belgium’s French speaking communitiesand Wallonie region in Vietnam (Wallonie – Bruxelles) in last October, on November 20th, 2015, Mrs. Pascale Delcomminette - General Director of Diplomatic Organ of Wallonie – Bruxelles region, Belgium led a delegation to visit and work at the University of Danang (UD).


Overview of the meeting between UD and the delegation of Wallonie – Bruxelles.


Currently, UDmaintains French languagedevelopment, many staff and leaders of UD’s member are able to use French. It cannot help acknowledgingthe significantcontribution of French sector to the development of UD.


Openingthe meeting, Prof. Tran Van Nam – President of UD briefed the cooperation results between UD and the Wallonie - Bruxelles in recent years.


The delegates of Wallonie – Bruxelles.


Representatives of UD


Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam expressed sincere thanks to Wallonie - Bruxelles for the great support in training Logistics at UD and wished to promote cooperation in this field. Master courses of Logistics held at UD are very effective, contributing to the development of human resources in Logistics, not only in the city of Danang, but also in  the whole country of Vietnam. Currently, project on development of Logistics Cluster and Logistics Center at the University of Economics, UD has been extensively financed and UD hopes to continue to receive support and assistance from the Wallonie - Bruxelles.


Leaders of the two sides exchanged souvenir gifts


Regardingtraining, Prof. Tran Van Nam frankly exchanged view that currently ratio of teaching staff that holds doctoral degrees is only 25%. He suggestedthe support from the Wallonie - Bruxelles and the University of Liège in receiving PhDstudents of UD to enroll at Belgium universities under government scholarship of Wallonie - Bruxelles or Vietnam government through 911. UD is also looking forward to the recommendation of Wallonie - Bruxelles to the funded programs and joint research projects between the two sides.


At the meeting,Dr. Dao Thi Thanh Phuong - Vice-Rector of the University of Foreign Languages, UD shared more about training project of French Interpretation and Translation that is coming to an end and expressed the desire to extend the project. 


Through theinformation exchange of UD’s leaders, Mrs. Pascale Delcomminette revealed that there weremany similarities between Liège city and Danang city on the basis of the development of logistics. In the city of Liege, logistics plays an important role and contributes a large market share to the development of the city. The 2nd similarity is cooperation model among university, business and government. This model is currently implemented well and brings good results for social services. According to this model, universities and businesses are required to cooperate directly to gain budget from the government.


Group photo


Mrs.Pascale Delcomminette committed to direct Logistics Cluster of Wallonie - Bruxelles and leading experts to work directly with the University of Economics forthe development Logistics Center, strengthening the model of Logistics Cluster of UD in international scale.


Mrs. Pascale Delcomminette - Gereral Director of Diplomatic Organ of Wallonie– Bruxelles


“I’m surprisedand delighted to meet many of UD’s leaders who can use French in communications and research, which is a rare point in other universities in Vietnam that she had visited” shared Mrs. Pascale Delcomminette. She suggested to further develop French language training and establish Belgium Alumni Association. In this direction, she committed to regularly invite experts to come the University of Foreign Language Studies, UD to support development of French language project.


Beside logistics, biotechnology is also strength of Wallonie- Bruxelles, Mrs. Pascale Delcomminette said that they are ready to assist Vietnam colleagues in this field.