Scientific Conference RUNSUD: Raise 18 new and practical topics



Scientific Conference RUNSUD (Rencontre de recherche de l'Uiversite de Nice Sophia Antipolis et l'Université de Danang) was thirdly held at the University of Danang on 21/4. This is a regular Conference between the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France, and the University of Danang (UD).

Overview of the Conference

With the topic of Building a system of electronic health care, this conference has attracted the participation of more than 50 scientists, PhD students, graduate students,  etc.


Prof. Staccini Pascal and Prof.Peraldi – Frati Marie Agnès from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France

Coming to the Conference, the participants were listening to the authors and group of the authors to present 18 new and practical topics such as “Fingerprint recognition using artificial neural network; Greenhouse environmental management by smart phone; Automation applications in remote health care; Evaluate and compare the algorithm performing RNA secondary structure and etc.”

Presidential Board of UD

Most of the presentations provided with the feasible solutions, bringing practical applicability and high efficiency. The Conference also helped the experts to have anacknowledgement and evaluation of the strengths and limitations at multidimensional level.

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