Developing cooperation between the University of Danang and the University of Queensland



Assoc.Prof. Tran Van Nam, President of the University of Danang and Doctor Dang Duc Long head of the Biology technology, Chemical faculty, University of Technology has visited and worked with the University of Queensland (UQ), Brisban, Australia. This visit was made following the invitation of the University of Queensland to develop the cooperation relation between two universities. Due to the visit time happened at the same time of the annual meeting of the Executive Committee of the English Language Institute, the University of Danang – the University of Queensland, this visit also had the participation of two Executive Committee members of UD-UQ ELI from The University of Danang – Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Manh Toan, Director of Planning and Finance Department, MSc. Duong Mong Ha, Director of Quality Assurance.

With the purpose of exchanging experiences in teaching and researching, before the official meeting with Chancellor of UQ, the delegation of the University of Danang spent most of time on discussing with facilities, academic groups, research institutes as well as laboratories. The delegation has worked with Civil Engineering School, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering – UQ. At the School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering, the delegation had a talk with Prof. Aleksandar Rakic and Prof. Tapan Saha who had worked with the Electricity Faculty of University of Technology (DUT). The Professors have guided the delegation to visit their laboratory being equipped with equipments used for distance learning and practicing which is eligible to the cooperation between two universities.
At School of Chemistry & Molecular Bioscience, UD delegation has worked with professor Ross Barnard, coordinator of the biology technology program and professor Paul Young – an expert in diagnosing and curing dengue. Professor Ross Barnard and Professor Paul Young have many research programs with huge funding as well as experiences in Vietnamese students training. UD's delegation also has visited Institute for Molecular Bioscience with modern laboratories. The Institute for Molecular Bioscience has received annual funding reaching tens of millions of Australia dollar from the Federal Government and Queensland State. Here, UD’s delegation accessed modern laboratories serving the researches of analyzing the genome of organisms groups, the human genome in cancer treatment or in analyzing the molecular structure. These are laboratories with modern equipments needing for current researches in Vietnam including growing genetically modified algae to produce bio-fuel. Professors have showed their enthusiasm in cooperating with UD to do co-research and receiving UD post graduate students.
For the purpose of learning experience in education management especially postgraduate study of a research university with world high ranking, UD delegation had a meeting with leaders of Graduate School – the University of Queensland. Here the delegation was reported about the experience in organizing, recruiting, teaching managing and other quality assurance activities of the postgraduate training. Experience from UQ is valuable for the developing orientation of the postgraduate training as well as for the Pre-doctorial Center of the University of Danang. The official meeting between the executive representatives of two universities was on December 13, 2011. From the UQ side, there was the presence of Prof. Paul Greenfield, Chancellor; Dr. Anna Ciccarelli Vice Chancellor for International Relation and leaders of some faculties of University of Queensland. At the meeting, the two universities had showed the developing orientation, discussed programs and activities to boost the cooperation between two universities as well as signed the MOA for the period of 2012 -2017.

In his presentation, Assoc.Prof. Tran Van Nam emphasized the efforts of all staff and students of the University of Danang in implementing the mission which contributes to train high quality human resources for the industrialization and modernization of the country. Regular innovations and improvement of the quality is the key solution for the University of Danang to complete the mission. The president of the University of Danang also mentioned the orientation of the university to become an excellent center of research for the central region and of the country and to become a university named in the rankings of Asia and the world.
In order to achieve these objectives, besides internal efforts, the development strategy of cooperation and learning experiences from foreign universities, especially international research universities is an essential. Therefore, developing the cooperation with the University of Queensland is one of the priority policies of the University of Danang in the implementation of their development strategy.
Professor Paul Greenfield, Chancellor of the University of Queensland, appreciated the efforts and achievements of the University of Danang, noted the cooperation between the two sides over the years and looked forwards to upgrading the cooperation into a higher level. Professor Paul Greenfield and leaders of the units of the University of Queensland expressed their readiness to develop cooperative programs according to the orientation of the University of Danang.

Chancellor Paul Greenfield and President Tran Van Nam signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) between the University of Queensland and the University of Danang for the period of 2012-2017. According to the agreement, the two sides will conduct activities, namely: (i) to consider the recognition of the curriculum so that students can be exchanged between the two universities, (ii ) to have visits and exchange experiences among management staff, teachers and researchers between the two universities, (iii) to share programs, learning and researching materials between the two universities, (iv) to co-research and publish the research results in prestigious journals in the world; (v) to regularly organize scientific conferences in Danang and in Brisbane; (vi ) to organize joint training program in Da Nang; (vii) To co-train according to the project 911 and support for the Pre-Ph.D centre of UD. The university of Queensland is also committed to working with UD in training for 911 human resources development and other projects. Specific activities would be discussed and conducted by the functional units of the two sides as soon as possible.
In the occasion of this first visit, President Tran Van Nam, on behalf of UD thanked the University of Queensland for supporting the University of Danang in recent years and for training many teaching staff in the program such as Doctoral Development Program, Master Scholarship Program funded by AP, Teaching and Research Improvement Program, ... President Nam appreciated the relationship between the two universities in the initiative to develop and implement the project of University of Danang - University of Queensland English Language Institute (UD-UQ ELI) and believe in the development of the Institute to meet the increasing demand of English in Danang and in the Central-Highland Region.
The visit of the delegation has opened a new era of collaboration between the University of Danang and the University of Queensland.
The University of Queensland is classified as one of leading universities in Australia and in the world. In 2011, Queensland University was ranked 76th on 2011 Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities by the National Taiwan University. The University of Queensland is among the top 100 world ranked by the Times Higher Education Magazine (UK) and Shanghai Jiaotong University.
The University of Danang and the University of Queensland have established the relation since 2001. The two universities have conducted many practical cooperation activities such as Doctoral Development Program, Master Scholarship Program, Teaching and Research Improvement Program. Especially, the two universities have initiated the cooperative project of UD-UQ ELI. Programmes and projects mentioned above have been funded by Atlantic Philanthropies Organization.
Until 2011, over 100 faculty members of the UD have done Masters, PhDs and participated in short-term training programs at the University of Queensland.