The University of Danang continues to promote cooperation with the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France



The MOU signing ceremony which has just taken place between the University of Danang (UD) and the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS), France has marked the long- lasting and successful cooperation relationship between the two universities in recent years.

The delegation of UNS was led by Prof.Vidal Frédérique, President of UNS and other members namely Prof. Ngo Mai Stéphane, Vice President, Prof. Peraldi-Frati Marie-Agnès and Prof. Staccini Pascal.

The University of Danang warmly welcomed the UNS’s delegation

Over the years, UD and UNS have achieved fruitful results in cooperation in training; research; postgraduate education; faculty members and students exchange; successful cooperation in many projects funded by Erasmus Mundus, AUF. Professor Tran Van Nam – President of UD has emphasized the following results:

1. Training

- Completed four joint training programs for Masters level (Water Resource Management, Computer Science, MBA and Embedded Systems). Program of Tourism Management will be prepared in the time coming through International Education School of UD.

- 5 teaching staff and alumni of UD have finished their Doctoral thesis at UNS.

- 6 teaching staff is following PhD program at UNS

2. Research

- Established E-Health research group.

- Newly approved by AUF on PhD research and training project in the fields of E-Health.

- Newly organized the 3rd Scientific Conference RUNSUD.

The two sides discussed on new directions of cooperation before MOU signing

3. Project

- Has been funded in the framework of cooperation between the two universities: EMMA East 2010, EMMAsia 2013, Erasmus + 2016.

- Has been funded in project AUF.

- Suggested to establish AUF-Nice Campus in Danang.

Prof. Vidal Frédérique proposed new suggestions to strengthen the cooperation in the meeting

Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam raised proposals to boost cooperation through collaboration between the Danang City and Nice City (Smart City model and High-Tech Zone); through the Erasmus project; scientific journal publishing; scientific research; exchange of students and faculty; cooperation in higher education, postgraduate (scholarship from the French government, AUF, projects 599, 911). “We would like to seek the help from UNS to act as connector to transfer technology from France and Europe to Vietnam on the issues that Vietnam is facing such as technical, economic management”, shared Prof.Nam.


Prof. Tran Van Nam and Prof. Vidal Frédérique were signing the MOU     

At the meeting, Prof. Vidal Frédérique appreciated the cooperation between the two universities in recent years, particularly the proposal of project "Smart City". She said: “Nice City is ranked among the "Top 5" of "Smart City" worldwide by "Juniper Research" from 2015. Nice City has organized a worldwide network of "Smart City" that hold a meeting each year at the conference "Innovative City "with the participation of 41 countries in the 2015. Besides, UNS has opened the program "Engineers for Smart Cities" to support the city of Nice and the cities of the world with specialized personnel training. UNS is ready to contact Nice City to invite Danang City to participate in the network of Innovative City”.

The signing ceremony marked the long- lasting and successful cooperation between the two universities in recent years

Leaders of UNS also said that UNS has received funding from the French government for two-dimensional program of student exchange, known as advanced program. Accordingly, UNS’s students will be sent to partner universities to study in 6 months at least. UNS has included UD in the list of its strategic partners and they can cover the airfare for UD’s students to come to UNS in the exchange program.

Prof.Vidal Frédérique proposed a plan for staff of the two universities to meet one time per year to find out unity points in curriculum between the universities in order to increase the efficiency in the student exchange program.

She committed to introduce French enterprises to Danang city in general and to UD in particular to establish cooperation and development.

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