The University of Danang signed MOU with Nara Gakuen University, Japan



On June 22, Nara Gakuen University, led by Prof. Eiichi Kajita – Rector, had an official visit to the University of Danang (UD). The two Universities have signed MOU as a basis for cooperation activities.

Before MOU signing ceremony, the two sides discussed on cooperation possibilities

Before the official signing ceremony, the two sides discussed on cooperation perspectives in the field of training, research and project development. Representative from Nara Gakuen University said: "The two prominent fields of Nara Gakuen University are Pedagogy Education and Nursing. Apart from these, the University also provides Japanese training. We would like to promote cooperation with UD in such fields. In addition, we also offer 02 exchange programs for foreign students (6 months course and 1 year course). During the course time, students can get a part time job at the University’s partner organizations; the accumulated credits of courses will be recognized. We do hope that through the MOU signing today, the two Universities will conduct intensive cooperation activities of student and faculty exchange in the field of Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Music and Nursing."

The MOU signing ceremony between UD and Nara Gakuen University

Initially, Nara Gakuen University will grant 02 packaged scholarships (including airfare, accommodation and training fee) for students of the Faculty of Medicine – Pharmacy, UD to join short term cultural exchange program in Japan in July 2016.

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