The University of Danang (UD) welcomed delegation of Microsoft at Asia Pacific Region



In the afternoon of July 5th, 2016, UD had a meeting with Mrs. Felicia Brown - Director of Education Programs at Microsoft (MS) Asia Pacific and managers of divisions of Microsoft Vietnam. The two sides discussed to evaluate the results achieved and expand cooperation through new programs of MS.

Overview of the meeting

Prof. Tran Van Nam – President of UD has announced the results of cooperation between UD and Microsoft in recent years. In which,  typical results were mentioned as the establishment of the Institute for IT Microsoft at UD; collaboration to develop technology product of smart book; cooperation to transfer  Office 365 applications to universities in the central Vietnam;  collaboration in research and development of applications on MS's cloud platform (Smart Hotel, EduNet, ...). Through these collaboration, staff, faculty and students of UD have had favorable conditions for access to the latest technology and products of MS. At the meeting, Prof. Tran Van Nam proposed Microsoft to continuously support UD to implement some key activities such as deploying IT standard output based on MOS certification (Microsoft Office Specialist); continue to apply Office 365 applications for staff, faculty and students; joint research to propose solutions for improving the system of management information at UD and its members; coordinate and test new models for innovation of teaching and learning method; and ect. Especially, entrepreneurship programs for students in IT sector is a new program that UD would like to cooperate and get the support from Microsoft.

Mrs. Felicia Brown exchanged new directions of cooperation with Prof. Tran Van Nam

Mrs. Felicia Brown highly appreciated the results of cooperation between UD and MS in recent years and asserted the tighter cooperation with UD in the upcoming programs of MS. In her role as the Director of Education Program at Microsoft Asia Pacific, she has aspired to continue developing the IT capacity to faculty, researchers and students. In particular, MS has focused on the development of IT applications to help innovative methods of teaching and learning in order to constantly improve the efficiency of education. Currently, Microsoft is targeting in supporting the universities to organize short-term training courses on IT applications to improve efficiency in teaching and research.

In the next period of cooperation, UD will assign the Software Development Center (SDC) as the point of contact to coordinate effectively with MS.  From MS side, Mrs. Felicia Brown will assign Director of Education Sector of MS Vietnam as liaison to coordinate with SDC to implement the upcoming programs of MS.


Prof. Tran Van Nam gifted Mrs. Felicia Brown with souvernir

Group photo