Quality Assurance Activity

Launching the official survey on external quality assessment in higher education



In the morning of May 7th , 2016, ,8 experts from Center for Education Accreditation - Vietnam National University, Hanoi (CEA – VNU), the observers coming from inside and outside of the University of Danang (UD), officially started the official surveys onexternal quality assessment in higher education at University of Science and Technology – the University of Danang (UST – UD). The delegation led by Prof. Banh Tien Long, former Vice Minister of MOET worked from May 7th 2016 to May 10th, 2016 and it is expected that this survey will be end at May 11th, 2016 with the preliminary results.


On behalf of UST – UD, report on school activities to the survey, Prof. Le Kim Hung presented that UST is the pioneer among Vietnamese universities and  self organized the the training  quality assessment in 2006-2007.

At that time, UST was one of the first universities of Vietnam to implement training quality accreditation; then in 2009, UST was recognized by MOET (reaching 51/53 criteria). UST is always serious in self-assessment as well as all reports are carried out publicly. Not only faculties, lecturers but also students -have the right to read all self-assessment reports.


UD is a regional multi-level, multi-disciplinary university training human resources for Central Area and Western Highlands of Vietnam. 

Recognizing the importance of educational quality assurance activities and educational quality assessment, member universities have finished the internal evaluation; and have been synchronously implementing external evaluation by the independent testing organization " - Prof. Tran Van Nam confirmed .


The result of educational quality testing reflects training quality of each university, therefore the leaders of each university can know the strong points and weak points of their universities. Besides, based on this result they can set up a plan to improve educational quality as well as  enhance educational quality .

The testing result will be widely publicized with the aim of demonstrating the responsibility of educational institutions towards society as well as actively promoting the educational institutions to set up plans and measures to ensure and improve their educational quality.


Dr. Tạ Thị Thu Hiền – Vice Director of CEA – VNU presented the decision of MOET regarding the establishment of the official survey delegation for serving external assessment at UST    


Members of the survey delegation watched for the report of UST 


Vietnam is in the period of accelerated industrialization, modernization and international integration, therefore it is necessary to have the high-quality human resources to promptly update the progress of technological science and the advanced management science in the word to ensure the sustainable development of the country.

Therefore, in order to survive and grow, all educational institutions must constantly improve and ensure the educational quality. One of the urgent things needs to be solved is to conduct the educational accreditation, especially higher education institutions accreditation.



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