Quality Assurance Activity

The University of Danang attended the Workshop on “Advancing, Innovating and sustaining CIDO” at the Singapore Polytechnic organized by Temasek Foundation


Situated in the general direction of the development of Educational Quality Assurance and Accreditation that has been spelled out in Resolution of Fifth Party Congress of UD, 2015-2020 term "All training programs at UD’s members should be built under AUN standard, world standards or country standards...", UD has sent delegation of 08 members from UD and its members to participate in the “Workshop on advancing, innovating and sustaining CDIO" which lasted 03 days (from 08-10/ 12/2015) at the Singapore Polytechnic sponsored by Temasek Foundation Organization (TF). This was one of the warm-up activities for the project "Capacity Building Training for teaching staff according to CDIO approach" which has been set by the University of Science and Technology-UD and Singapore Polytechnic  under the sponsorship of the Temasek Foundation Fund.


Task group respectively attended and discussed in the reports sessions by CDIO leading experts in the world; the presentations of experiences, difficulties and challenges when implementing CDIO at Singapore Polytechnic, and the institutions in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, ... With the commitment from the senior leaders along with the outstanding innovation achievements under CDIO approach, Singapore Polytechnic has become one of three leaders of the CDIO in Asia (CDIO Asian leaders,




Paralleling to the session reports, task group of UD also attended training sessions related to the standards of CDIO such as “Innovation in teaching and learning methods; Modern space design for teaching and learning; Innovation in the application of digital technology in teaching and learning; Self-assessment and accreditation of training programs; CDIO sustainable development towards education quality accreditation”. In addition, the delegation visited to learn and discuss with the departments, research centers, educational development centers, laboratories and workshops that were designed - operated under the CDIO principle of Singapore Polytechnic.




With this mission, the task group of UD  have learned many lessons and experiences to prepare implementation of CDIO project cooperated with Singapore Polytechnic  for 2 years from 2016 to 2017.

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