Quality Assurance Activity

Conference on building, adjusting and accrediting training programs under AUN-QA standards


Realizing Quality Assurance Plan in academic year 2015-2016 at The University of Da Nang, The College of Information Technology held a conference  on " Building, adjusting and accrediting training programs under AUN-QA standards. "

TS. Huỳnh Công Pháp – Phó Hiệu trưởng, phát biểu khai mạc Hội nghị

Dr. Huynh Cong Phap – Vice Rector of the College of Information Technology delivered opening remarks


Opening the conference, Dr. Huynh Cong Phap expressed EQA under AUN-QA standards is a goal that many universities in Vietnam is focusing on. In which the University of Da Nang is one of the institutions that has already deployed more powerful solutions to achieve this goal soon.

At the College of Information Technology, in recent years, EQA activities have been important tasks throughout the training process. Thus, the quality of graduates have been highly appreciated by enterprises. In the 2015-2020 stage, the development and building training program under AUN-QA standards to further enhance the quality is one of the key tasks of the college.


Assoc.Prof. Dinh Thanh Viet, Director of Educational Quality Assurance Department-UD made report


The development and accrediting training programs under AUN-QA standards will not only bring benefits to the college and students but also employers. For the college, through self-evaluation and external evaluation activities, the strengths and weaknesses of training programs have been shown, and the college must have a specific action plan to remedy these problems. At the same time, the students and faculty are indirect beneficiaries from improved, upgraded and accredited teaching and learning environment. Also, thanks to accreditation under AUN-QA standard, the college determines the position of training programs in the region and serves as a basis to develop a roadmap for the development of training programs reaching the standards in Southeast Asia.

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