President of the University of Danang had a meeting with delegation from Venture Dairy, America


In the afternoon of February 4, 2012, Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Nam, Ph. D, President of the University of Danang (UD) had a meeting with Trevor Tomkins, PhD, founder of Venture Dairy, Mr. Mike Drennan, advisor of Venture Dairy, Prof. John H. Levan Ph.D, Chairman of Medical and Technological University of America Foundation –MTUAF.


At the meeting, there are also other officials of the UD: Assoc. Prof. Doan Quang Vinh, Ph.D, Vice Rector of Danang University of Engineering, MBA. Nguyen Huu Hien, Vice Director of International Cooperation, leader representatives of Chemistry Department, Food Technology Division and Biotechnology Division such as Nguyen Van Dung, Ph.D; Dang Duc Long, Ph.D; Assoc. Prof. Dang Minh Nhat, Ph.D; Assoc. Prof. Truong Minh Hanh, Ph.D and other related officers.


Dr. Trevor Tomkins had an impressive presentation on Venture Dairy, challenges and opportunities for the world wide Dairy industry.
 Two parties discussed cooperative opportunities to strengthen the mutual relationship. At the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam highly indicated his interest in the following focus areas:
 - meet labor force for Venture Dairy in field of demand-led training programs if Venture Dairy opens an enterprise in Vietnam;
 - co-research and material exchange in fields of Food Technology industry and Biotechnology industry;
 - assist UD to enhance and develop the relationship between university and enterprise.
 This was Venture Dairy’s first time to UD and the University is honoured to have been included in this visit.