Quality Assurance Activity

Internal assessment in quality of College of Technology


In  29 and 30 of December, 2015, the College of Technology (CT) – The University of Danang (UD) welcomed the internal review group of UD on implementation of quality assessment at institutional level 2010-2015. This was the necessary preparation for the College before participating in external quality assessment at institutional level in 2016.


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Doan Quang Vinh– Vice President of UD, Director of Center for Education Accreditation, UD –delivered opening remarks at CT

At the opening session, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phan Cao Tho – Rector of CT, who is also chairman of Council of Self-Evaluation of CT - reported to the internal assessment group on the process of preparing for quality accreditation and evaluation that the College had been working for many years. The activities had been implemented by the College to improve the quality of training. “Improving the quality and reputation of the College is one of the leading concerns of the leadership and cadres of CT for many years. Joining quality accreditation and assessment is highly committed to the whole college and we are ready for this task” said Assoc. Prof.Phan Cao Tho


Assoc.Prof. Phan Cao Tho, Party Secretary, Rector and Chairman of Self-evaluation Council of CT,
reported on the activities of the College at the opening session


Internal assessment group of UD did inspection on detailed records, proof and self-assessment report of the College, testing facilities for training, scientific research and student support. The panel also conducted interviews with many different objects, from the Rectorate Board, leaders of offices, units, organizations to staff and students working and studying in the College, the former officers and alumni have worked and studies at the College. An indispensable element in the interview was the agencies, businesses who have recruited graduates of the College. Although being invited to attend an interview at the end of the year with busy work, representatives of 17 out of 20 agencies and units were present for interview. Interview was one of the fundamental factor that allowed evaluation panel to consider and evaluate the activities of the College in accordance with set of standards and criteria on quality accreditation.




Check with the actual technical facilities for teaching and training





Actual inspection on sporting offices for teaching, training and student

According to the conclusions of the internal evaluation panel, the College has achieved 89% of 55 evaluation criteria, the remaining criteria should be updated with completed report and additional proof. These were positive results of efforts to assure and improve the quality of the College, creating favorable conditions for the College in preparing for external evaluation in 2016.

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