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Seminar "Accreditation of higher education in Vietnam and the United Kingdom: Practice and development orientation"


In the framework of the project "Building a UK-ASEAN research center at VN-UK Institute for Research and executive education" as a partnership with Aston University (UK), dated August 28, 2015, UD has organized the seminar on "Accreditation of higher education in Vietnam and the United Kingdom: practice and development orientation" with the participation of more than 80 staff working in educational quality assurance divisions of the University of Danang and institutes in the central region.

GS. TS Trần Văn Nam – Giám đốc Đại học Đà Nẵng, phát biểu khai mạc Hội thảo

Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam – President of UD – making opening remarks


In the opening remark, Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam – President of UD stressed the importance of Accreditation in higher education and the successful implementation of this activity will promote quality teaching, research and bring prestige and success to UD.


At the workshop, lots of reports were presented:

- Practice and orientation of the educational accreditation in Vietnam

- Accreditation in Higher Education: Reality and experience of UD.

- AUN-QA standards: Experiences and Lessons from Can Tho University

- Educational Quality Assurance in the United Kingdom: The correlation between quality assurance and quality improvement.

- Building training programs in the Universities in the UK


Dr. Le My Phong - Head of Accreditation and vocational higher education, Department of Testing and Education Quality Accreditation, Ministry of Education and Training, presented on “Practices and Orientation of educational accreditation in Vietnam”


Assoc. Dr. Doan Quang Vinh - Vice President of UD, Director of UD Center of Educational Accreditation, presented on Reality and experience of UD.


MSc. Dao Phong Lam - Center for Educational Quality Assurance, Can Tho University, presented on AUN-QA standards: Experiences and Lessons from CTU


Prof. Paul Bartholomew - Aston University, presented on the UK Academic quality context


At the workshop, participants also exchanged and discussed the experience of quality assurance in universities and colleges



The workshop have become a forum for exchange and experience sharing for staff working in quality assurance activities in the central region of Vietnam.


* Besides, in 2 days from 26-27 August, the training program "Academic staff development within UK quality frameworks” took place in UD.

At the session, professors from Aston University introduced many important issues: learning and teaching in higher education in the UK, curriculum design, learning activities and effective assessment, etc.


Assoc.Prof.Dr Dinh Thanh Viet – Director of Department of Educational Quality Assurance, UD




At the end of the program, the committee awarded certificates of completion of training programs for participants who works in the quality assurance sector of the University of Danang.




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