Quality Assurance Activity

Internal assessment of quality education at University of Economics, the University of Da Nang


In 2 days from 21 and 08.22.2015, the evaluation team of educational quality at University of Economics, UD established by Decision No. 3927/QD-UD July 30, 2015, led by Assoc. Dr. Doan Quang Vinh (Director, Centre for Education Quality Accreditation, UD) conducted evaluating the educational quality at the University of Economics, UD

Đoàn đánh giá làm việc với Hội đồng tự đánh giá Trường ĐH Kinh tế

The Team workingwith the self-assessmentcouncil ofUniversityof Economics


The delegation had working sessions with the self-assessment Council, met and interviewed senior leaders, head of faculty, functional departments and leturers, staff, students, alumni, employers, etc. to assess the quality of education, effectiveness of scientific research, human resources, facilities and other related issues in order to make needed adjustments to ensure that the quality standards are ready for the implementation of the next steps of the process of accrediting educational institutions as required in Circular No. 62/2012 /TT-BDDDT dated December 29, 2012 of the Minister of Education and Training.


Assoc. Dr. Doan Quang Vinh (Director, Centre for Education Quality Accreditation, UD) 





After 02 days, all members of the delegation frankly discussed with the rectorate board and Self-assessment Council on the results based on 10 standards, 61 criteria accreditation of higher education institution of the Ministry of education and Training. The conclusions aimed at giving advice and support to complete Self-Assessment Report, deploying solutions to ensure standard quality as regulated by Ministry of education and training.


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