Students of University of Economics – the University of Danang was interested in discovering Japanese culture in the class of Ms. Michie Mori



In the beginning of school year 2016-2017, students of Tourism Faculty had a lot of interesting experiences in discovering Japanese culture throughout the course of Ms. Michie Mori – Japanese lecturer of University of Economics, the University of Danang (UE – UD)

The course is held every Monday morning, taught in English and entirely free. Every one session a week, students will have opportunity to travel around Japan through lectures of Ms. Michie. Students will study not only Japanese geography, language, indigenous greetings, Japanese personality, kimono ... but also the meticulousness, preciseness of Japanese in tea ceremony culture and ikebana flower arrangement.

The course not only helps students feel that Japan is very close to them but also is an opportunity for students to study Japanese virtues through stories, lessons outlined by Ms. Michie Mori. Moreover, with the open-hearted environment as a form of extracurricular activity, this course also connects youths who have passion of traveling as well as is a place for students to create  and relax after stressful hours at school.

After the first lesson, Ms. Michie Mori shared that she felt surprised when students of UE – UD were very good at English , they not only attentively watched for each lecture, but also were confident in presenting their topic 


Ms.Michie Mori graduated from Bachelor of Science - Society, specialized in  European Art History at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan in 1978. With the desire of spreading the Japanese culture to youth generations in Japan and all over the world, she has researched and owned several certificates of arts in the land of cherry blossoms.

From 2016, Ms.Michie Mori and her husband Prof. Mori Junichi will work at UE – UD in two years. Prof. Mori Junichi will teach at Faculty of Finance and Faculty of Economics and Ms.Michie Mori will hold Japanese culture classes to bring the exciting experience to students.