The delegation of the University of Danang paid a working visit to Canada



Within the framework of business trip from 23 to 28 August, 2016 in Canada, Prof. Tran Van Nam – President of the University of Danang (UD) and Assoc. Prof. Vo Trung Hung – Director of Research and Development Department participated in meeting sessions with McGill University, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS) and attended the CITEF Conference 2016 which was organized by the Engineering and Technology Universities Association, AUF.

1. Visit McGill University

McGill University is a public research university located in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Founded in 1821, McGill University is one of the oldest universities in Canada and dubbed as the "Harvard" of Canada. According to the QS University Ranking 2014 - 2015, McGill was ranked 2nd in Canada (just after the University of Toronto) and 21th  in the world.  McGill is well-known as the leading and most prestigious university of medicine training.

After the meeting with leaders of the University, the UD’s delegation visited the Institute for Broadband Access Communications. Development of UD’s Science and Technology Journal was the main focus of the meeting session, in which the priority was given to ICT Special Issue (Issues on Information and Communication System). In addition, the two sides exchanged views to coordinate and implement the international research projects, receive staff/students of UD for PhD training, co-organize the international workshop, publish papers in SCI, SCIE in fields of mutual interest.


Visiting Institute for Broadband Access Communications


Photo taking with Prof. Ngoc-Tho LE and Vietnamese PhD students


2. Visit Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

With its foundation in 1969, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) has 14,510 students enrolled in 8 different campuses, including 1,000 foreign students from 60 countries.

At Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, the delegation visited and worked with various member-universities and research institutes to discuss about the cooperative possibilities in the future. The two sides exchanged and agreed to sign MoU in the fields of lecturers and students exchange, undergraduate and  postgraduate training, scientific research and international projects development.


The MoU ceremony between the University of Danang and Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières


Activities of Prof. Tran Van Nam at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières


3. Visit École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS)

École de Technologie Supérieure is a school specializing in training engineer at Montréal , Québec , Canada . ÉTS was founded in 1974 and specialized in training technique and technology transfer for enterprises. The strongest point of ÉTS is the cooperative relationship with enterprises in scientific research and training. More than 30 % of operation expenses of ÉTS is from source of revenue in cooperation with enterprises and the majority of projects were applied in reality. According to statistics, more than 25 % of engineers working at Québec graduated from ÉTS .

ÉTS and UD had established the cooperative relationship since the early 90s and there were many UD’s lecturers and staffs graduated from doctoral, master programs at ÉTS. In the meeting with ÉTS, President Tran Van Nam had proposed to Prof. Pierre Dumouchel - Rector of ÉTS about 3 cooperative contents between UD and ÉTS including: exchanging lecturers and students through scholarship programs of the two universities or national programs; strengthening research cooperation and technology transfer from ÉTS/ Canada to Vietnam; cooperating to propose international projects to develop joint activities as well as sending doctoral students to study doctoral program under the 911 project or scholarships of Professor in the framework of projects of enterprises.



Prof. Pierre Dumouchel highly appreciated the cooperative results between UD and ÉTSin recent years and committed to continue to strengthen cooperation between the two universities as well as promoted the implementation of MoU signed in the coming time.

4. The CITEF Conference 2016

CITEF (Conference Internationale d'ingenieurs et de TEchniciens Francophones) is an organization including universities and colleges training engineers and technicians of the AUF. The annual Conference of CITEF aims to assess operation at college members, detecting shortcomings in the process of working to propose solutions and give solutions to the members.


The theme of the conference is "Innovation of training programs and research activities in the context of climate change in order to serve sustainable development". This year, nearly 100 university leaders and researchers from 37 countries participated in the report and discussion sessions at the conference. The reports refers to the innovative training programs and research activities to address the problems caused by climate change, solutions to save energy, using renewable energy sources, environment protection, etc.

At the conference, Prof. Tran Van Nam made a report about the integration of disciplines related to climate change in the curriculum at UD and the research on application of biogas on the internal combustion engine. Assoc. Prof. Vo Trung Hung presented the research activities at UD in terms of renewable energy, the environment, water resource management and research orientation in upcoming time to solve the problems caused by climate change in the central region of Vietnam.


In the framework of the conference, the team of UD also met leaders of universities in Canada, Europe, Africa to exchange experience and foster cooperation.


Some photos from CITEF Conference 2016


Also on this occasion, the members of CITEF elected a new executive committee  including 7 members and Assoc. Prof. Vo Trung Hung was elected to be in the committee and represent the universities in Asia. New committee is responsible for developing strategy and planning activities in the future.

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