The University of Danang welcomed and worked with University of Fukui, Japan



In the afternoon of August 25th, 2016 the delegation from University of Fukui, Japan led by Dr. Toshihiko Shine– Ph.D in International Studies, Office for the Promotion of Global Education Programs, Shizuoka University visited and worked with the University of Danang (UD). In the delegation, there were also Prof. Yoshinobu IZUMI, Nuclear Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Fukui; Prof.Yoichi Tamagawa, Energy Safety and Symbiosis Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Fukui (UF). From UD’s side, there were MA. Ho Long Ngoc– Vice Director of International Cooperation Department, UD;Dr. Tran Thanh Son – Vice Dean of Faculty of Thermal Refrigeration Engineering, University of Science and Technology, UD; Lecturer Pha Duc TrongFaculty of Thermal Refrigeration Engineering, University of Science and Technology and other relevant officers.


In the meeting, MA. Ho Long Ngoc briefly introduced about framework of organization as well as training programs of all member universities of UD. Especially, MA. Ho Long Ngoc also presented research cooperation programs that have been conducted between UD and Japanese universities and other universities in the world.

Responding to the question of MA. Ho Long Ngoc about framework of organization and training program at UF, Prof. Yoshinobu IZUMIbriefly introduced about UF through attached brochure. The two sides discussed about granting scholarship and receiving young lecturers of UD to study and do research, especially in a short – term program in the field of Nuclear  Power. Besides Dr. Toshihiko Shine also emphasized that the purpose of this visit is to interview and choose UD’s lecturers to study in Master Program in Nuclear Power under MEXT scholarship at UF. Moreover Dr. Toshihiko Shine shared some information about JDS scholarship – Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development in Vietnam – This is a Master program taught entirely in English in 2 years.


At the end of the meeting Prof. Yoshinobu IZUMI expressed his thanks to UD for the warm welcome and hopes that cooperation programs in training and scientific research between the two universities will develop more than ever before.