Students and Academic staffs of University of Science and Technology - The University of Da Nang to attend the summer camp in Kogakuin University, Tokyo, Japan


Within cooperation activities based on the MOU between two universities, Kogakuin University (Japan) actively organized an exchange program for students and academic staffs of University of Science and technology - UD(DUT) in Kogakuin University from August 23 to August 31, 2016. DUT’s delegation, including: 02 lecturers, 01staff and 07 studentsfrom the Center of Excellence, Faculty of Information Technology and Faculty of Architecture had privileges to attend this amazing event.




Kogakuin University is an old university in Japan, established in 1887 with an engineering department consisting of 8 disciplines, i.e. Construction, Mechanic, Electricity, Architecture, Ship Manufacturing, Mining, Metallurgy and Chemistry. Currently, the university has two main campuses in Shinjuku and Hachioji, providing complete tertiary educationlevels, i.e. Undergraduate, Master and PhD degree. The undergraduate level contains04 majors of Engineering, Advanced Engineering, Information Technology and Architecture. Mechanic, Chemistry, Electricityand Electronics, Information Technology, Architecture andSystem Designare educated at postgraduate level.Among them, Architecture and Information Technology are the most significant and highly recognized. Hence,this is a unique opportunity for DUT’s representatives toadapt Japanese professional learning environment.

On the first day of full surprising trip, DUT members received an extraordinary welcome from staff of Kogakuin University (KU) at Narita International Airport and on the way to Hachioji Campus. Upon arrival, the delegation had comprehensive campus tour and several key labs after trip schedule briefing. At the end of the day, a welcome gala dinner were held with the Executive Board of Kogakuin university and the sponsor - Mr. Tanobe, a KU alumni.


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On following days, delegates had fully interesting experiences with many scientific and technological activities at University and Tokyo metropolitan districts as well. The delegation had a visit to 2016 Japan Innovation Expo, which was participated by more than 100 prestigious universities and enterprises. This annual exhibition was not only to present achievements of agencies, but also introduce student research activities as well. As a result, students have opportunities to demonstrate their research, evaluate practical approach of research results as well as exchange experiences from experts in same discipline.


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Within distinctive schedule, students of DUT also joined in the 23rd Kogakuin University Science Festival. This annual Festival was to introduce the educational disciplines of the university to parents, secondary learners and surrounding communities. In this Festival, every single departments held its own activities to present its specialized research visually and vividly to audiences, who can join in and create their own products. All those events were to improve engagements between the University and surrounding communities and to promote KU to their future students.

Also, the delegation of DUT were introduced to several key laboratories atboth Hachioji and Shinjuku Campus. Via the detailed introduction of professors in charge, an understanding of huge investment on facilities and equipment has been made to produce the high quality and applicable products in the future.


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Moreover, extracurricular activities to Tokyo well known locations, i.e Mount Fuji, Akasuka Old Quarter, have been organised under well preparationand guide of Kogakuin University.Especially, delegates had a chance tovisit innovative architecture district where condensesa collection of buildings designed by big names ofinternational and Japanese architecture such as Kenzo Tange, Fumihiko Maki, Tadao Ando, Toyo Ito, Kengo Kuma, and MVDR. This was a exclusive opportunity for DUT’s delegation to sightsee these famous structures,which were samples in the lecturebooks, from overall to every single detail. On August30th, the delegationvisiteda laboratory of Shinkansen high-speed railway(bullet train) which can  travel up to speed of 500km/h. 


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Overall, with an exculsive timetable organised by the Kogakuin University, DUT’s delegation had an extraordinary impression about the research and teaching activities as well as the Japanese culture and tradition. At thefarewell meeting with the board of Presidents, the university proudly informed that further following exchange programs will be organised in thefollowing years and prepared a comprehensive plan to implement MOU between two universities and to introduceKogakuin postgraduate programs to recruit students from University of Science and Technology – the University of Danang.

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