Students of University of Science and Technology-The University of Danang to participate in Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science in Japan



On October 5th, 2016, the delegation of University of Science and Technology - UD departed to Japan to attend Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Sciencewhich was funded by Japan Science and Technology Agency from October 5th to October 13th in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Representatives of DUT were from all faculties, including 09 excellent students and 02 lecturers.

Within the schedule of exchange activities between students of both universities, a short visit to Japanese corporations such as SONY, TOYOTA, KIRISHIMA Shuzo, and JAXAhas been successfully organised. This was a valuable occasion for DUT students to approach a modern industry of one of the most developed country in the world. In addition, all members of the DUT’s delegation had an opportunity to experience a fascinating and multifaceted Japanese culture.

Students of DUT was not only eager to explore Japanese culture and traditions, but also well prepared to bring unique Vietnamese cultural features for international friends.

On October 6th, all the students and lecturers had arrived Kagoshima College of Technology in Kirishima city and received a warm welcome by Prof. Shinichiro Uemura.

The first visit place was Kumano Shrine that helped all members of DUT know more about religious subculture of Japan.

In the afternoon of same day, DUT delegation continued visiting SONY Kokubu Factorywhere semiconductor products are manufactured to install in Mobile phone, Camera, CCTV and so on.



In the end of the first day, Professor Chohji Tetsuji - President and representatives of Kagoshima College had a welcome meeting with the delegation of DUT. All the members of DUT expressed a deep appreciation for kind supports and preparation from Kagoshima College.

On the next day, DUT’s delegation had an exchange activity on the theme of several issues affecting directly to the life of Japanese residents in Kagoshima KOSEN. After that, a brief tour of TOYOTA Body R&D gave students an opportunity to gain knowledge about the process of automative production and research development methods in order to provide customers the most convenient and safest cars that can adapt climate changes of each region.

The campus of Kagoshima College of Technology

On October 8th, students and lecturers of DUT had a field trip around Kagoshima city and came to Kagoshima municipal science Hall where earthquake simulation could be experienced.




To be continued in the schedule of Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science, on October 9th, delegation of DUT joined in Robotic competitionwith the title of “ Robot new frontier 2016”, gathered by 20 teams from 10 colleges in the Kyushu Island, Japan. This was considered a fantastic event students, especially engineering students.




“Robot New Frontier 2016”