Work-life balance with the worhshop by speaker Ms. Summerfield




In order for lecturers, staff, students to achieve a work-life balance, say goodbye to the troubles and enjoy a meaningful life, Labour Union of Univeristy of Economics organized a workshop with the participation of Ms. Summerfield Patricia Ann - Inner Space Center Advisor - who was named "Ambassador of the value of life" with many inspirational talks to thousands of audience in Vietnam.


Main Speaker: Ms. Patricia Ann Summerfield - Inner Space Center Advisor

Opening the story with gently tone, Ms. Summerfield drew hundreds staff and students attention to have moments thinking about themselves.

She gave a model of emotional processes in the contemporary relationship of human being. In daily relationships, when exchanging many pieces of news, taking big workload and talking with many people, the anger with someone is unavoidable. After the presentation of the speaker, most of the audience agreed that the anger will cause us stress, poor memory, conflict, then leading to unhappy feelings.




The speakers also drew on an experience for everyone at the workshop: ”The best way to normalize every relationship is that we have to accept the situation with a gentle attitude. Let's accept - understand – learn and forgive, life will be better”.

At the end of the program, Ms. Summerfield also offered to staff and students a small notebook talking about 8 strength of mind, including: packaging, withdrawal, adjustment, tolerance, discrimination, evaluation, collaboration and facing. This is the power to help us to face and conduct situations happening with our lives.

The workshop brought valuable life experiences for all participants to lead a meaningful life.







* About Ms. Summerfield:

Born and lived in New Zealand, but Ms. Trish Summerfield has an interest and a very special affection for Asian people. She has many years working in Australia, Japan, Singapore. In May 2001, Ms. Trish Summerfield started her life in Vietnam and has more than 17 years living and doing volunteer work in Inner Space Center.

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