Cooperation between the University of Danang and Santakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finland


Receiving the invitation of Rector and Executive Director of Santakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK,, the delegation of the University of Danang (UD), led by Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Nam – President of UD, paid a visit to Finland on March 19 and 20, 2012.

SAMK is one of the best universities of applied sciences in Finland. There are two main campuses, one in Pori city and one in Rauma city. The campus in Pori trains engineering, project management, economics, business, tourism, nursing, social sciences and humanities, which are similar to majors in member affiliations of UD, such as the University of Technology, the University of Economics, University of Education, and Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy. The campus in Rauma, where there are famous ports and shipyards in Finland, trains marine management. In this campus, SAMK has developed its strength in ship engineering and maritime training for over 130 years.

As a university of applied sciences, SAMK has efficient cooperation with businesses, especially, it also has the implementation of many RDI (research, development and innovation) projects to help students create and develop businesses. In the field of international cooperation, SAMK has developed more than 140 cooperative programs with universities and research institutions around the world.


Santakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) has relations with 140 universities, research institutions in the world.

On March 19, the delegation of UD had the meeting with senior representatives of SAMK and made a tour to school facilities in Pori. Prof. Seppo Pynna – Rector of SAMK, Dr. Jari Heiniluoma – Director of International Cooperation Department, Dr. Sirpa Sandelin – Director of Training Department, Dr. Ari Pekka Kainu – Director of Development Department, Dr. Kali Laine – Director of Research Department and leaders of other departments attended the meeting and reported about training programs, research activities, and experience in integrating the student research to the curriculum, in supporting students in research and creative development. Both sides discussed about the possibilities of cooperation and the establishment of joint projects between two universities.   

At the end of meeting, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Rector Seppo Pynna  and the University of Danang President Tran Van Nam signed a cooperative agreement. Accordingly, two universities agree on the following general forms of cooperation:

President Tran Van Nam and Rector Seppo Pynnä signed a cooperative agreement

-        Recognize the curriculum and promote student exchange programs semestrally or annually;

-       Conduct student exchange programs for doing internship at enterprises and companies or following professional development courses;

-       Enhance visiting lecturer exchange program in short time of about two weeks or professional training program in teaching and management;

-       Cooperate on research and development;

-       Cooperate to offer dual-degree programs, joint on-line programs as well as to develop research projects for students;

-       Conduct co-research projects, cooperate with Finland companies including Nokia;

-       Publish and announce scientific co-research projects;

-       Exchange experience in fields of quality assurance and training program accreditation.

In the beginning, student and staff exchange programs will focus on programs which use English as medium of instruction at University of Engineering and University of Economics. This cooperation will enable students of advanced programs and high quality programs to transfer to SAMK under the framework of 2+2 joint programs or transfer to a master program after getting a Bachelor degree. Information technology, biomedical electronics, project management, energy and environment, business planning for new venture would be prior research areas in the first stage of cooperation.

Highlights of the agreement is that both sides have spent much time discussing and committing to establish the project of "Center for Maritime Training" at UD. This is a major project based on the strengths of SAMK, on the needs of navigation and maritime economy development in the Central Area of Vietnam as well as on favorable conditions of UD. Funding for the project will be obtained from the non-refundable aid of the Government of Finland.

A visit to a ship technical workshop and maritime simulation system

On 20/3, the delegation of UD visited the second branch of  SAMK in the portal city of Rauma. The delegation was guided by CEO Dr. Juha Kamari, Captain and Director of maritime training Heikki Koivisto to visit modern-equipped laboratories, studying and research facilities and business incubators. With over 130 years tradition of maritime training, Rauma branch has established many relations with and significantly contributed to the industry development in the region. The delegation has studied carefully the modern simulation system of the maritime industry, the operation of ships on the oceans, including Da Nang sea and ports. The delegation also had chance to visit Europe-leading port system, container yards and shipyards in Rauma. Here, the delegation was introduced about the building process of over 220m-length ships and had a tour of shipbuilding steps.

During the process of renovating management activities, improving training quality, program accreditation, faculty evaluation, training to meet social needs... UD has actively promoted activities of learning, practical experience exchange with international partners. The lively lessons through seminars and visits at the Satakunta University of Applied Science helped raise awareness of the delegates in terms of managing and adjusting the curriculum to meet the above mentioned objectives. The visit of the delegation also sets the stage for the development of cooperative programs, creates opportunities for students and faculty of UD to be accepted to study, research and give lectures in Finland. The trip of the delegation also is an initial step to develop the "Cooperation in Establishing Center for Maritime Training" project at UD.