DUT-UD And Bosch Company Build The “Community Electric Bike System”


In December 14th 2016, the community electric bike system has been put in use for the Middle – Tay Nguyen area and this is the first system after ones in Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (HCMUT) and Viet Nam – Germany University(VGU).

This project is the cooperation of Bosch and 3 universitites: Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, Viet Nam – Germany University and Da Nang University of Science and Technology.

In November 9th 2015, at Viet Nam Bosch CO.,LTD, there was the final round of Bosch Green Challenge 2015 and students who launched this project had been the winner of this competition. At the beginning of 2016, together with the other 2 teams from HCMUT and VGU and engineers from Bosch company, the Danang University of Science and Technology team joined to design, manufacture and complete the whole electric bike system from applying tracking system in the bike, design the solar charge station, confirm system to fee system.

Through this system, Bosch and those universitites are introducing an advanced and eco-friendly kind of vehicle to the community. They also want to boost the cooperation in research activities among enterprises and universities.

All the cooperation is aim to contribute to “smart university inside smart city

How to use the system:

User need to create an account at bosch-green-challenge.com.vn. then sign in to choose station and bike. Users are provided with number of code and initial card to unlock, lock the bke and open the box under the bike.

All the bikes are charged at the station and the energy is solar energy. A full-charged bike can run up to 45km/ hour for 80km. user must be over 18 or have driving license.