The 4th UD’s Students Council Congress (term 2016-2021): To support students in scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship



On December 18, 2016, the official session of the 4th UD’s Students Council Congress (2016-2021) was held at University of Science & Technology.

All delegates at flag salute ceremony

The Congress was honored to welcome Mr. Nguyen Ba Canh - Deputy Chairman of the Vietnam Student Association, Secretary of the City Youth Union, Chairman of the Vietnam Student Association; Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam - Secretary of Party Committee, President of UD; Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Vu - Vice President of UD; Dr. Nguyen Duc Hung – Chairman of UD Labour union; M.Sc. Nguyen Duc Tien, Secretary of UD youth union - and representatives of functional departments, institutes, centers and units of UD; 

M.Sc. Dinh Thi My Hanh - Chairman of UD Students council (term 2011 – 2016) to deliver opening speech

According to Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam, the Congress was an important political activity for the entire students of UD to look back the past five years of operation and development with big effort and devotion.


Mr. Nguyen Ba Canh at the Congress

It is clear that the student movement in the past term has left many remarkable marks with innovations and changes in the deployment of “5-good student” movement. Through the movement, many students of excellence in learning, training and participation in the activities became the ideal mirror of many other young people.


"In the future, the new Executive Committee has to take heavy responsibility to make UD student movement become the flagship of Danang City" - Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam stressed at the meeting.

Prof. Tran Van Nam – UD’s President – delivers speech

Discussion session among UD’s students

The presentation on "The start-up movement in economic students community" by Student Vo Thi Thu Ha has raised awareness, concept of entrepreneurship of young students in economics major

After two sessions, the congress has elected 27 candidates to become official members of the Executive committee of UD student council (term 2016-2021). The Executive Committee elected the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson and the Secretariat committee:

1 / Mr. Duong Minh Quan - Chairperson

2 / Ms. Ton Nu Tra Mi - Vice Chairperson

3 / Mr. Le Dinh Quang Phuc - Vice Chairperson

4 / Mr. Vo Duy Hung - Member of Secretariat committee

5 / Mr. Nguyen Viet Hai Association - Member of Secretariat committee

6 / Mr. Vo Van Phu - Member of Secretariat committee

7 / Mr. Nguyen Dien Dat - Member of Secretariat committee

8 / Mr. Nguyen Van Hung - Member of Secretariat committee

9 / Mr. Le Huu Linh Vien - Member of Secretariat committee

The new executive committee (term 2016 – 2021) makes debut at the congress

Mr. Nguyen Ba Canh awards emulation flags for UD Student Council for outstanding achievements in the work of the Society and the student movement (term 2016-2021)




Mr. Nguyen Ba Canh and Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam award certificates of merit for teams and individuals for outstanding achievements in the work of the Society and student movement

The 4th UD’s Students Council Congress (2016-2021) was organized successful with satisfactory results. This is a great festival of UD’s youth, where all students assert political bravery and determination to become good citizens, continuing the glorious tradition of all generation student of Vietnam.

All participants agree with the resolution


Musical performances at the congress

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