College of Technology - the University of Da Nang applies 2 models of science research: SRT and TRT!


At the wrap-up meeting of science-technology activities 2015-2016 and plan for academic year 2016-2017, Dr. Hoang Dung - Vice Rector of the College of Technology (CT-UD) emphasized two models of science research used at CT-UD.

“Students always have the passion of research and discovery. If SRT works with TRT, students would be fully assisted on the journey of science research” said Dr. Hoang Dung

He believed that this would improve the quality of training and create conditions to become University of Technology and Education in the future.

"TRT - Teaching & Research Team": a new concept first used at the University of Danang, where many lecturers and specialists from many different fields work together to implement scientific projects in many areas.

Over the past years, College of Technology has secured all requirements of science research of an educational institution in Vietnam. The main achievements of science and technology activities of CT-UD is an increase of the number of science publications, especially articles published in SCI, SCIE, Scopus, etc.

The hour number of science research of all units belonging to CT-UD increased in the academic year 2015-2016 (with 45915 hours, exceeding 9285 hours)

Dr. Hoang Dung - Vice-Rector of College of Technology (UD)

SRT (Study Research Team) - breakthrough from learner’s community!

According to Dr. Phan Quy Tra - Head, Office of Science and International Cooperation, through the years, the number and quality of students’ scientific research as well as funding for this activity are always on the rise. We appreciate the importance of student activities and scientific research and always look for opportunities and new ways to promote the development of this movement.

Reportedly, at the beginning of the academic year 2015-2016, CT-UD established the Study-Research Team – SRT (for students) to work with the Teaching- Research Team, TRT (for lecturers).

Dr. Phan Quy Tra - Head, Office of Science and International Cooperation, CT-UD

CT-UD issued the Regulation on the operation and funding to implement the project for 24 SRT Group which brought the participation of 159 students. Besides, CT-UD increased funding for student research projects under Decree 99/CP, creating favorable conditions for students to implement their projects. In the academic year 2015-2016, 68 student research titles including 15 research titles of SRT group was recognized and implemented. In particular, most of them were published in the Proceedings of the CT-UD Student Research Conference.


Groups and leaders are awarded certificate of merit for outstanding results

At the meeting on December 29th 2016, 7 individuals were honored for achievements in science research: Mr. Pham Minh Man, Faculty of Mechanics (first prize); Mr. Pham Phu Song Toan, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Dr. Tran Hoang Vu, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Second prize); Mr. Nguyen Hoai, Faculty of Mechanics; Dr. Phan Quy Tra, Office of Science and International Cooperation; Dr. Bach Quoc Si, Faculty of Civil Engineering (third prize) and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Hoai, Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

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