Workshop with logistics experts from the Association of Wallonia Logistics (Belgium)



University of Economics - The University of Danang and the Wallonia Logistics Association (Belgium) has combined to organize a workshop about “The matters of road transport in the Central Middle Region of Vietnam” at University of Economics. The workshop with the participation of representatives from the Association of Logistics in Wallonia, representatives of businesses with fleets, and numerous lecturers, students from the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration Faculty. 

With working experience at the Wallonia Logistics Association as well as the results obtained from the survey in two logistics companies in Danang, Mr. Becker shared with the participants topics such as counseling selected vehicles for businesses, human resource training in the field of transport, the role of businesses in the context of globalization, the development of value-added services, and the importance of marketing activities in the field of logistics.

Mr. Becker said that since 01/01/2017 Vietnam will raise emission standards for cars that are manufactured, assembled and imports up to level four, so businesses need to prepare immediately renewal plan its fleet. The fleet renewal will also need a long term vision because Vietnam will continue to raise the level of emission standards up to 5 by 2022. He also outlined the criteria when choosing vehicles include: quality, safety, and environmental protection.

The discussion was also received many exchanged comments of businesses at the workshop such as competitive price, experiences about connecting members of logistics associations. "Competing on price only makes businesses together to go down, so should compete on quality and develop more value-added services (packaging, transportation,...), and marketing investment, that will help logistics companies confirm their position. "- Prof. Becker pointed out.

Concerns about price competition and experience associated clusters are issues that attracted much attention

Representative of the Wallonia Logistics Association said that businesses need communication investment, quality-related competition, and developing more value-added services to create competition for themselves