University of Foreign Language Studies - the University of Danang Constructing the culture of educational quality assurance



Constructing and fostering the culture of educational quality are both an objective and a requirement throughout the implementation plan of the development strategy for University of Foreign Language Studies, the University of Danang (UFLS-UD) in recent years. The academic year of 2016-2017 is considered the first year for the university to carry out a new stage after UFLS was granted the certificate of achieveing educational quality standards. The number of mainstream students in 2016 reached 100% enrollment targets for 19 training majors of seven departments. Despite the difficult circumstance of recruitment over the past years, the university has always reached the recruitment targets, an indicator of a university’s prestige and training quality for learners and society.

Asserting the prestige of a higher education institution

As one of the three universities specializing in languages, with a mission of training human resources with foreign language proficiency to meet the socio-economic strategic development of the Central Region and Highlands and the whole country, UFLS-UD has become one of the nine universities granted the certification of achieving the national educational stardards (in accordance with the Decision No. 64/QD-KDCL on 14 October, 2016 by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training).


Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Quy Thanh granting the Certificate of Accreditation of Educational Quality for Higher Education to the Rector of University of Foreign Language Studies, the University of Danang

In recent years, UFLS has enhanced the cooperation with international organizations and reputable universities in the world. The school has also become a venue for successful international conferences. Most remarkably, the international GLoCALL Conference 2015 proved the university’s prestige when the International TESOL selected UFLS as a venue for English teachers all around the world to gather and exchange expertise and teaching experience.

In addition to the training task, UFLS has taken over many responsibities assigned by the Ministry of Education and Training and the National Foreign Language 2020 Project, particularly, building a center for e-learning resources and online foreign language training,  enhancing English teaching language, improving the capacity of information technology in foreign language teaching, designing programs for testing and assessment and opening intensive English courses for instructors and lecturers at universities and colleges in the Central Region and the Highlands.

Moreover, UFLS has achieved impressive results in the field of science, academic exchange, international cooperation and joint training. Dr Tran Huu Phuc - Rector of UFLS once stated: “One of the most marked effects is that the school has implemented successful lecturer and student exchanges, linguistic and cultural exchanges, joint international foreign language examinations with international partners, training, internship, employment, scholarship, volunteering, reference materials, upgrades to facilities and the diversification of linguistic and cultural atmosphere in every activity. The UFLS’ staff are highly qualified and fully dedicated to their profession. The UFLS’ students are confident and dynamic. I do believe that the school’s  quality culture will be constructed and grow rapidly and soon become etiquette for all the staff, lecturers and students”. 

Strong commitment to the training quality

Fully aware of the importance of high quality human resources and the increasingly strong competition in training quality in the era of international integration, the UFLS’ leaders, staff and lecturers determined that the Certification of Accreditation of Educational Quality is not simply an accomplishment but a major landmark from which the school will keep on innovating the conditions for training and scientific research. Therefore, enhancing the staff’s quality is one of the priorities in the long-term development strategy of the university. In the academic year of 2015-2016, the school has 37 lecturers and staff sent to domestic and foreign places for professional advancement, 20 of whom for postgraduate studies and 17 of whom completing the course of Accreditation of Educational Quality for Higher Education and Professional Secondary Level.

As regards scientific research, UFLS will implement and give priority to the research which has high practicality and conducts surveys into realistic demands and the issues of local and national socio-economic development.

In terms of infrastructure investment, the school is conducting the strategy for long-term facilities investment, implementing the project of working and learning space and upgrading computer laboratories. Moreover, the library will be upgraded with the addition of specialized books satisfying the research demand of the lecturers and students.

With the more than 30-year tradition of construction and development, UFLS-UD is growing constantly day by day together with the ceaseless development of Danang city. With the motto “Solidarity - Integration - Development”, the university is determined to realize its target of “becoming a core higher education institution of the whole country and towards transforming into the one of regional and international class and prestige”.