The University of Danang promoted the international cooperation with National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN-CEA), the French Republic



In the afternoon of February 24th, 2017, the University of Da Nang (UD) welcomed and worked with the delegation from National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (French name: L'Institut national des sciences et techniques nucléaires, Abbreviated as INSTN-CEA), the French Republic led by Mr. Philippe Correa – Director of INSTN-CEA. In the delegation, there were also Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan, Scientific Manager, INES, CEA.

The meeting attendees from UD included Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam – President of UD; Assoc. Prof. Le Cung – Vice Rector of University of Science and Technology, UD and MA. Ho Long Ngoc – Vice Director of International Cooperation Department, UD.

The purposes of the meeting are not only to explore cooperative opportunities between UD and INSTN-CEA in the fields of Nuclear energy, IT, Electronics and Telecommunications...but also to seek grants for joint projects and co-organize conferences, workshops.

Prof. Tran Van Nam exchanged information with Mr. Philippe Correa

In the meeting, Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam shared that UD had welcomed, signed and established the strong relationships with a lot of famous universities such as University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, University of Grenoble, University of Nantes, the University of Lyon, The University of Valenciennes, etc. Together with these partners, UD had deployed joint projects, especially, with MIRE project, Danang Nice Institute of Technology would be established at UD in March, 2017.
It is known that the INSTN, Institut national des sciences et techniques nucléaires (National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology) is a public higher education institution administered by the CEA (French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission) under the joint authority of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector and the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Marine Affairs.The INSTN was established in 1956 to train engineers, researchers and technicians tasked with implementing the French civil nuclear development programme which was introduced in the 1950’s.For 60 years now, its mission has been to transmit knowledge and know-how developed by the CEA and its industrial partners and thereby support the growth of the nuclear industry. The INSTN has made a significant contribution in developing human resources required by research and industry, at any level of qualification, from operator to researcher.