Danang International Institute of Technology will be established at The University of Da Nang



In the morning of March 18, 2017, the MOU signing ceremony among the University of Da Nang (UD), University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS) and Agence universitaire de la Francophonie(AUF) officially marked the establishment of Danang International Institute of Technology (DNIIT).

This is the result of international cooperation and scientific research between the leaders, cadres and lecturers of the two universities, stemming from the desire of the two Governments of Vietnam and France to strengthen development of teaching and research activities at higher education level of Da Nang city.

Accordingly, the event also marked the establishment of the MIRE Project’s Office - Research Center in charge of collaborative research, application research, creation, exchange of scientific information and technology transfer. Nice CAMPUS - a training and scientific unit in charge of  cooperation in teaching, teaching and communication in the DNIIT's community.

From the left: Mr. CLÉMENT Jean-Luc, Adviser to the Director for European and international relations and cooperation, French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, France; Mrs. VIDAL Frédérique, President of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis; Prof.Dr. Tran Van Nam, President of UD and Mrs. Sophie GOEDEFROIT – Director of AUFof Asia-Pacific area; officially signed MOU between the parties with the witness of Prof. Dr. Bui Van Ga, Vice Minister of Education and Training and representatives from UNS, UCA and UD.

Beginning in 2006, the cooperative relationship between UD and UNS has undergone 11 years of development of sustainable partnerships and achieved remarkable results.

Both sides have collaborated to open Master of Science in Computer Science, Water Resources Management, MBA and Embedded Systems. More than 20 staff of UD have been studying in Master and PhD program at UNS. On average, there are more than 10 exchanges of staff, lecturers and students between the two universities within the framework of various cooperation programs.

The two sides have successfully coordinated in many cooperation projects such as the EMMAsia project (more than EUR 3 million from Erasmus European Program for 174 scholarships); AUF project on doctoral training in co-supervising model; The MIRE project (specializing in research innovation) in the field of health care. Through the MIRE, joint research teams within the framework of the E-Health project with nearly 90 scientists involved, including 25 scientists from UNS have shared and collaborated on research. UD and UNS co-organized RUNSUD science conference every 3 years in 2010, 2013, 2016 "- revealed Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam – President of UD.

Prof.Dr. Tran Van Nam – President of UD

Speaking at the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Bui Van Ga said: “ MOET fully agrees and supports the International Cooperation Project between UD and UNS because International experience is very important in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution which has posed major challenges to Vietnamese education, especially to higher education. This challenge forces universities to change teaching methods to train high quality human resources to meet the demands of society. The establishment of DNIIT International Institute of Technology with two component units of applied research, creation, exchange of scientific information and technology transfer; Collaboration in training, teaching, scientific communication is a perfect fitness for the current educational change strategy of the country”.

MOET will provide with necessary resources for this cooperation in the possible circumstances as well as reserve PhD scholarships abroad or PhD program of cooperation between UD and UNS"- stressed Deputy Minister Bui Van Ga.

Prof. Dr. Bui Van Ga – Deputy Minister of MOET

With the function of a center for collaborative research, exchange of scientific information and technology transfer, MIRE responds to the establishment of collaborative research and creative projects related to specific application domains, especially in the field of health and smart cities; Organize and create an interactive platform between faculty, researchers, students and businesses to identify and respond to real needs, thereby to develop multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral projects; Organize exchanges of scientific research between the two universities as well as other partners to establish collaborative research, promote the development of interdisciplinary research projects; Organize scientific publications with national and international partners, through conferences, seminars, digital journals, especially through the HAL multi-disciplinary international archives; Promote technology transfer and start-up, especially from MIRE's research projects; Construction and development of MIRE's projects.

The DNIIT International Institute of Technology is the result of an unremitting effort in cooperation and exchange between UD and UNS (the above picture was taken in the meeting between the two sides at the end of January 2017) 

The birth of the International Institute of Technology has officially opened a new chapter on the intensive development between the two universities. Both sides will jointly recognize joint research and training activities. This is an important step in the implementation of the model of "un-wall" cooperation between UD and UNS that has been germinated since 2010.

With a strong commitment to cooperation, sharing resources from three parties (UD, UNS-UCA and AUF) DNIT International Institute of Technology will be developing more and more with new projects contributing to promoting international research and technology transfer for UD and its members – shared Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam.