The senior leaders of Danang city paid a visit to the United Kingdom



On April 10th, 2017 the senior delegation of Danang city led by Mr. Nguyen Xuan Anh, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of City Party Committee, Chairman of the People's Council of Danang city visited and worked with the Vietnamese Embassy in the UK, Biwater Corporation and Aston University to broadcast and promote investment in  Danang city.

The Leaders of Danang city visited and worked with theVietnamese Embassy in the UK


Strengthen the potential cooperation in investment promotion with the UK market

In the meeting with Mr. Nguyen Van Thao, The Vietnamese Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in the UK, the Danang city’sdelegation was updated with diplomatic relations information and facts between Vietnam and the UK. According to Mr. Nguyen Van Thao, the total amount of foreign direct investment from UK to Vietnam is over $ 4 billion and Vietnam is identified as one of the key markets of the UK so far. In addition, in the context of Brexit and the fact that most of UK companies tend to shift their operations to non-UK and EU countries, then Vietnam, especially Danang city, will have the potential to promote trade and cooperation with the UK, especially in the field of tourism and education – training. Especially, the promotion of establishment of VN-UK University in Danang city will create a modern infrastructure for the high-quality human resources training to adaptneeds of key industries as well as enhance the quality of senior staff by establishing short-term training courses etc.

The senior delegation of Danang city worked with Biwater Corporation.


Call on Biwater Corporation to invest in improving the quality of environmental treatmentin Danang city

In the afternoon of April 10th, 2017, the delegation also paid a working visit to Biwater Corporation. It is known that, in nearly 50 years of operation, Biwater Corporation has expanded its scale and developed its infrastructure and technology to become one of the leading European companies in the water industry. With nearly 600 employees, Biwater Corporation has operated in more than 90 countries and built more than 25,000 projects in the fields of wastewater treatment, water purification and desalination ... In Vietnam, Biwater Group has built up the Yen So wastewater treatment plant project in Hanoi.

In the meeting, the senior delegation of Dananang city highly appreciated the capacity, experience and investment interest of Biwater Corporation in Vietnam. In the context of focusing on the urban infrastructure development of Danang city, the environmental field is particularly interested in calling for investment. Therefore,the Danang city’s leaders invited BiwaterCorporationto conduct a study on the overall need as well aspropose technical and financial solutions for the wastewater treatment and environmental sanitation projects in Danang.

The leaders of Danang city worked with Aston University


Promote the establishment of VN-UK University in Danang city

In the same day, the delegation also had a meeting with Aston University in Birmingham City. Prof. Alec Cameron, President of Aston University (AU), presided over the meeting. Attending the meeting, there were also Director of British Council in Vietnam and leaders of Aston University.

AU is one of the top 10 research universities in the UK. According to Prof. Alec Cameron, in the past three years, AU had established the close relationship with the University ofDanang (UD) in fields of Electronics and Telecommunications, Biotechnology, Finance and Accounting in the basic of operation of VN-UK Institute of Research and Executive Education and the UK-ASEAN Research Center based at UD.

Regarding the establishment of VN-UK University, Prof. Alec Cameron shared that this is a potential investment project owing to the attractive factors of Vietnamese market such as the large population size and the stable growing economy. Besides, Vietnamese students are eager to study and their families always give priority to create more conditions for children to access to advanced education. To successfully implement the project, Prof. Cameron not only emphasized that the project should adapt the objectives and expectations of the parties as well as have a sustainable financial solution but also confirmed that AU would soon select the appropriate cooperation model to submit to Danang city and UD.  

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Anh, Secretary of City Party Committee affirmed that VN-UK University project is in line with the vision and development strategy of UD in particular and Danang City in general; in which the role of Danang City is to become a center of education – training – science and technology – innovation as well as a center of entrepreneurship in Central area and Western Highlands. Therefore, the leaders of Danang city are very interested in and completely support this project. Regarding the investment method of the project, Danang city promised to create favorable conditions for UD and private investors to invest in infrastructure and facilities.

The leaders of Aston University highly appreciated the working visit of Danang city’s senior delegation and affirmed the positive cooperation with Danang City and UD to promote the project in the upcoming time. At the meeting, the Director of British Council in Vietnam also confirmed the support of the UK Government and British Council for the project and pledged to cooperate with the parties to propose the most feasible cooperation for VN-UK University project in Danang city.