Two UFLS students win first prizes in 14th Russian Olympiad for universities in Vietnam



From 25 to 26 February, 2017, the finale of the 14th Russian Oympiad taking place at the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Hanoi attracted 1,800 competitors from the universities teaching Russian in Vietnam. This is an annual competition held by Russian Agency for Cooperation with the aim of popularizing the Russian language in Vietnam.

At the finale, the competitors took different tests on listening, reading and speaking skills in Russian. After two competitive days, the Russian Olympiad 2017 recognized and honored many talents with the highest achievemens, among whom were the students from the University of Foreign Language Studies, the University of Danang. In particular, the first two prizes went to Nguyen Thi Thuy Ngan and Phung Thi Huong and the second prize to Le Thi Dieu. The winners of the first prizes will be awarded scholarships to study in Russia by the Russian government and Vietnam International Education Department. The awarding ceremony is expected to take place in May.


UFSL students at the 14th Russian Olympiad


Nguyen Thi Thuy Ngan, the first year student at UFLS, was excited to share that “thanks to the knowledge and skills we have obtained at my university as well as the lecturers’ devotion to teaching us, we are confident and well-prepared for the competition. The prizes will be a great motivation for us to make more attempts to improve our knowledge and participate in many more competitions like this”.